Why we Homeschool

I had always wanted to homeschool from day one, but me being unsure of myself and my capabilities to do so I didn't, I didn't consult God on the matter.  I volunteered at a library and on Wednesdays, all these homeschool families would come in and it was just wonderful to see them operating together, and how happy their children were.  I made lots of wonderful friends and wished I could do what they did with their children. So when my oldest was about to go into middle school, I got really concerned and God laid it upon my heart that she didn't need to go into the school she would be assigned to go into. So I started searching my heart that whole fifth grade year.  What to do?? I talked to my husband about it and told him all my fears. There was so much going on there and it wasn't a great place to have your children at.  Horror stories from families that had pulled their child out of that school just consumed me. It was a God send that we started attending a church that had several homeschooling families in it.  The church had a Christian School that they wanted to start back up.  So we placed our daughter there for about six months.  The school just didn't have the funds like they needed to continue.  So there again we was faced with the decision, God said no to public school once again.  The curriculum that my daughter was doing was something that I could do with her at home, so we choose to bring her home.  So there our homeschool journey began.  We found a homeschool group, and eventually started my own in my community.  She graduated this year 2013 with a 3.7 GPA from homeschooling. She got to walk the stage with other homeschoolers in NC, and got a diploma.  When God tells you something to do with your family you best mind the Lord and do it. Homeschooling was the best thing that we ever did.  My daughter sees now that she is older that we protected her from all sorts of things by following God's will for our family.  Now that we have the younger child we will never go back to a public school setting as long as God has willed for us to keep him home.  God has a plan for each family, I pray that anyone reading this will take from it that if God wants you to homeschool, do as He wills, and you will see the plan he has for your children open up right before your eyes.  You will see a difference in your children when you follow Him in their learning.


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