New Years

Hello friends,,Its been a while since I have been on here. Sorry. It has just been a whirl wind of stuff for me. I have been busy busy busy, and then there is the holiday thing too. It really changed for me this year. Lots of stuff, too much to mention. Plus I fell into sort of a depression missing my mom this year. Last year she passed away, but i rushed through everything to get through it. But this year it really hit me and on top of that my whole family life changed. I realized that it got smaller. The influential people that I grew up with is no longer here for holidays. I have became the adult and Elder in my family. The Elders that are left in my family don't come around anymore. It's sad I know.

But any who!!!! I just wanted to pop in and touch base with you all. How was your holiday? I pray it was a good one for you. How are you all spending your new year. We were supposed to be in church and preacher hubby was to preach at two churches tonight for watch service, but weather got in the way.  ICE ICE BABy!!!  Yep that's right ice, and sitting at 14 degrees outside with the windchill factor at 6 degrees. Yep wasn't happening. No church services for us, roads were too bad. At least one of the churches are going to reschedule.  I so hate that we didn't get to ring the new year in at church.

Well going to say good night and HAPPY NEW YEARS to you and your families. I pray that this year will be filled with joy and blessing for each and every one of you . God Bless!!


  1. Happy New Year sweet lady! I hope your hubby's preaching just soars this upcoming year and he can spread Gods word to many many people!!!

    1. Thank you so much Stacy. I pray as well that your church will prosper this new year. It looks as though you all have had a great one last year.


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