No Gentlemen any more!!

So what has happened to all the Gentlemen?? I tell you what. I had to go into two different restaurants tonight and order food. One right next to the other one, walking distance.  So I go into the Chinese restaurant, pick up my order , go next door to the Fish House and get my order there. When I turned to go out of the fish restaurant There were 2 men standing next to the door. Here I was with both hands full and do you know not one of them offered to move and open the door for me.  UGGGGG!! What has happened to men opening doors for women, and helping out when they see a woman with her hands full.  So men WHAT happened to being gentlemen?? I know women can be independent and such,,but GEEZE!! help a lady out when you can. Just because we are in 2017 doesn't mean manners was thrown out with the bath water.

Where are all the gentlemen at??  WHERE!!!


  1. I totally agree! This drives me crazy! At least we both have boys, so hopefully there's hope for a couple of well-mannered men out there when our boys grow up. It's so sad though....


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