Day 9-13 November Photo Blog

Hey, hey hey...I know I know I have fallen behind,,but hey, life gets in the way. Today I am here to render that. Today is catch up day for me. We have just been on the go since last Thursday. It has finally slowed down just a little bit.  So here is a view of the pictures and a list of what they were supposed to be each day. I truly hope that you enjoy them. 

Day 9 A view from my window.

This was at my husbands doctors office. I thought it was a beautiful scene with the flag blowing in the wind and mountains behind it.

Day 10 Bundle Up. 

 Me and my mamaw. I love this lady dearly. She was cold so I wrapped her up snugly in a blanket to get her warm.

Day 11 Symbol of love.

My little cousins. Brother and sister. He loves her so much that he went down the slide with her to keep her from being scared the first time.

Day 12 Healthy Choice.

I made the choice to buy a healthy drink today instead of buying something bad for me. This was Wild flower honey, black tea and lemon. A very refreshing drink. As a bonus the bottle is glass, so reusable as a water bottle.

Day 13 Herbs and Spices

This is not all the spices and herbs that I have but it's a start. I buy them when I find them on sale. 


May this be a blessing to you and yours.


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