Day 5 & 6 November Photo Blog

So as you all know as I stated before I take Sunday to enjoy with my family and try not to blog.  So I missed yesterday for posting my picture for the photo challenge from Mother Earth News. The picture was to be of a house plant.  I couldn't just choose one so I took a picture of a few of them. I have yet to bring them in. I need to but I have severe allergies and really need to take them down to the basement. I really love house plants. 

Today's photo challenge is to be Fall Smells. Well I love the way the air smells in the fall, it has a crispness in it. But as far as smells that I like, especially in the house, I have 2 favorites.  That would be pumpkin pie and apple pie spice. Which are two very similar smells.  But you can make a difference in them. They remind me of holidays and family. 

May this be a blessing to you and yours.


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