Day 4 November Photo Blog

Hello, hello. I hope everyone is doing well today. I know that I have had a terrific day today. Spent the biggest part of the day at a church function with my son and two of my lil cousins. It was such a blessing to be a part of that and be with some really great friends. Their church folk was just awesome.

But enough about all that. But being as I was there today, we did have what my photo needed today to eat.  Today's photo challenge was Comfort Food. Now I can honestly say that I love me some comfort food. There is so much that I can consider comfort food.  But mostly all of in the colder months of the year.  But there is nothing better than snuggling up somewhere and enjoying a warm bowl of soup.
Veggie soup that is with deer meat. Nothing any better. Well there are but you know what I mean. 

Well that is all Folks for tonight. This woman is one tired woman. It's been a long day for us.

May blessing to you and yours.


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