Day 3 of November Photo Blog

Hello fellow friends. Here I go,,sharing once again, see I said that I would try to keep up. HA!!  But today is day 3 to share a photo. Lets see if i make it on to another day.

They asked for a winter pantry picture. I struggled with this picture. I will share why. When I think of all that the Lord has blessed me with food wise, I think of those that have not. Will it be boasting if I show a picture of my pantry? Will I be bragging?  I think not, but it still don't help my heart. Coming from a family that family meals was a big thing each night, and making sure that people had food and plenty of it "AT TIMES" was big. My grandma as soon as you stepped in her home she was offering you  food and drink. Here we are on day 3 and yes I decided to share that picture. This is just one of the cabinets in my home, as you can see it goes on back. I have three more doors just like this, that connects to this one and each is packed the same. Plus we canned food for winter that is in a pantry shed.  

Proverbs 30:25 says The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;

I know there are people out there, here in the US that can't help the way they survive the winter with food. But then there are people like my family that store up ahead in the summer months so that we may have in the winter months. My heart weighs heavy for those that  don't have any or little food. If I could I would feed them all. The difference in us are our situations and some of those that are bad could have been better had they chosen the right way.

So I hope you have enjoyed this picture today. Maybe it will make someone like me grateful for storing up. 

Blessing to you and yours!!


  1. its' so neat and organized! I wouldn't dare take a pic of my messy pantry hahaha! Canning is something I so desire to learn about! This past summer was so busy, hopefully next summer I can learn!


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