Condolences for the Texas First Baptist Church Shooting

This blog post today goes out to those in Texas that was affected by the shooting at the First Baptist Church yesterday. 

There was 26 killed and 20 wounded from this terrible attack inside a church. My prayers go out to each and every family that is involved. 

There is no way that I could ever imagine going to church and not ever coming home to my family or being one of the lucky ones and having to face my family to tell of ones that didn't make it. 

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray right now in Jesus name to give guidance and comfort to those hurting, to those that are wondering WHY, to those that have lost and have seen evil and need help to understand. God we know not the Why ,just what is being broadcasted, but Lord you know and you can calm a mighty storm in the lives of these families. God place you hand upon those that were wounded and heal, God place your arms around those that lost and comfort and let them know that you are with them and are not leaving them. God you are our mighty comforter and friend in times of need, and right now you are needed in the lives of all those affected in this situation. God i know people will think me wrong, but Lord I do hope that this man made it right with you before that final minute of his life, I pray he called out for you to save and forgive him. I thank you Lord, for all that you do and all that you will do. As we close in prayer, I love you, in Jesus name that mighty name, AMEN!!


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