The Surprise Birthday Party

Family is important to me. Family means everything to me, and I want it in my children's lives.  There is no better feeling than knowing that you have a family that is always there for you.  

This past weekend my mother in law had a birthday. She turned 73 years young.  the only thing she asked for was to have her kids around her and to have a fish dinner.  Well her daughter went one step farther than that. She planned a surprise birthday party for her mom. She invited the siblings and their children to come.  With this hurricane that was in FL we have a niece that lives there. She came up and was to be a surprise for her Nanny since we don't get to see her much. 

My husband and I picked up one of his younger brothers and his mom to. We were to bring her to the party without Nanny knowing what we was doing. She still thought we was going out to eat at a restaurant.  My husband and I took his mom shopping for a new outfit for her birthday. She loves having something new to wear to church.  Then we went on down to his sisters house where everyone else was waiting.  The surprise people hadn't gotten there yet. So she got to see them pull up.  

We had such a great time. All the family was there except for 4 grand kids and their children.
We still had 4 grand kids and 3 great grands kids present, along with her 4 children. Everyone got along and had a great time.
Nanny did get her fish dinner. We grilled Flounder and Salmon, along with hotdogs and hamburgers for the kids and all the fixings.

With cake to follow, and confetti.

My mother in law has had a hard life over the past 20 years. She has lost 3 children. A family of 7 kids are now a family of 4.  So any time we can get them together for her it means a lot. Three brothers and one sister remain. This is why I say family is important. You never know what will occur. Always seek out to spend the most time with your family.  Life is short.

Exodus 20:12 - Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

If there is one thing I know, I know that these kids have always honored their mother. She raised them the best that she could and they all have in return took care of her. 

We pray many more years for my mother in law to come.  What a blessing it is to say that you have lived over 70 years, and to know that your children stand with you.


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