School has Officially STARTED!!!

Well it's that time of year again. SCHOOL TIME!!!  As most know we homeschool in our family. It's just what works and fits for us. I love so doing it and watching my son grow in knowledge. It is amazing what you see when you are one on one with a child in learning.  

This year I am using a eclectic source of books to teach from. I didn't stick to one company alone this time around. When my daughter was homeschooled I tried top stay with Bob Jones curriculum. Most of the time it worked out but I remember a few years that we went with whatever came my way. So with our son, I just chose the things that made since to me. Here is a picture of our school basket. This is where you will find all of his school material as far as books go. 

 As you can see there is a few different publisher here.  This year I have First Language Lessons, Horizons Math, and Abeka for Science and History. We have never tried Horizons for Math before.  So far he likes it.  Teaching second grade is new for us too. But I know that we can make it work.  

English is going to be awesome. My son is really picking it up too. He learns so fast. 

Pray for us as we go this year. We will need all we can get.

We even got in some gaming
time. We loved playing Kerplunk. May your school year be wonderful is my prayer to all you homeschoolers out there.
Playing the game Kerplunk


  1. So glad that your first days have been great!!! I'm praying you guys have an amazing school year! Let me know how Horizons worked out for you! It was our second choice after CLE, so its my backup plan if ours doesn't work :) Good to hear from you! Love ya!


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