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Okay, okay!!! I know! I am horrible at this blogging thing. I start off blogging good for a few weeks, days and then NOTHING for like weeks or months.  Might I start by saying I am a very busy woman. Always doing for others and for myself as well. It is hard to find time amongst my other duties to even sit and think about something to write about. Oh I have several bible studies that I am wanting to write about, just getting it to this blog is another story all in it's self.

But, here is another day. I am pushing forward and sitting at the computer for the sole purpose of writing. I have been doing a lot of reading. At the moment it consists of recipe books and gardening books plus one homeschooling manual. Very seldom do I get into a fiction type book other than a easy reader with my son. With a love of learning, I prefer learning books. So, I thought I would share what this mom has been reading for the past month.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling By Debra Bell  I got to meet and hear Mrs. Bell last year at the homeschool conference in Winston Salem NC. She is such a sweet lady and very knowledgeable when it comes to homeschooling. If you're wanting to know more about homeschooling and how to start or any other information I suggest this book.  

Hay Day Country Market Cookbook By Kim Rizk This cookbook starts out by giving you the story of Hay Day. Cooking with fresh vegetables, the farm stand style of cooking.

Yum-o The Family Cookbook By Rachael Ray Okay so admit it, who doesn't love Rachael Ray? Well I love her style of cooking. Which is why I purchased this cookbook.

La Belle Cuisine By Patti LaBelle If you don't know here music, well look her up. Bluesy, with R&B.  Such a wonderful voice. Can't wait to cook one of her recipes or a few.

Gardening Projects for Kids By Jenny Hendy I got this for my son and I so that we could do a fun gardening project together. Really want to instill the reasoning for knowing how to garden.

Growing and Using the Healing Herbs By Gaea and Shandor Weiss This book gives you drawings of the herb and also tells how to use them and what the medical properties are.

Barefoot Contessa at Home, and, How Easy is That By Ina Garten I started watching her on the cooking channels and just love this woman's spirit and how she poured her heart into cooking a perfect meal. So I bought 2 of her cookbooks this month. I have enjoyed both of them.

Heirloom Vegetables By Sue Strickland This book talks about how to cultivate and preserve your own seeds. With all the GMO's and pesticides going into our food today, it is worth trying to learn how the older generation did it. Living off the food you grow is so much better for you then buying.

Organic Gardening For the 21st Century By John Fedor A very nice directory from cultivating your land to cold frames, and house plants. You will find what you need in this book to do it yourself.

Well folks that is it for this Mama's reading pile at the moment.  It grows every time I go thrift shopping. If I could afford a home library, I don'think I would ever leave it. Although with my book collection it is slowly headed into a small-medium selection. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about the books I am reading and go check them out for yourselves.



  1. Have you ever thought about working for a Landscaping Company or a Nursery ? Fits your Interest !

    1. I was a board member for a community garden for 2 yrs and worked in that garden for about 4 yrs. Loved every bit of learning I got there. Organic gardening and pesticide free gardening. Even though my interests is gardening my passion and love is working with elderly.


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