You know our memories go with us everywhere we go. Some may make us happy. Some make us sad. Then there are those that make us thankful, or make us laugh.  Just this week I have been going through some memories in my life time. Just posting a picture of me when I was very young maybe 2-3yrs old probably more close to 3yrs, brought back lots to mind. With those memories came a flood of other memories. 

Just like Monday night I asked my brother if he wanted some of them cheeses. Yes I said cheeses. My mamaw, my dad's mother loves eating cheese. Every night before bed she would have her a snack of cheese.  She would come and ask everyone in the room if anyone wanted a bite of them cheeses. Makes me giggle just thinking about that.  

Then there is the memory of bologna sandwiches. My cousins and I have discussed this several times reminiscing the past. How come a plain old bologna and cheese sandwich always tastes so much better at a relatives house? I can go for months on end and not even touch a bologna sandwich and sure enough when I would go to my Aunts house she would offer a simple bologna sandwich for lunch. Man it was like I couldn't get enough of them.  They tasted so much better there then at my house when I make them. 

Memories of building a pond with my paw Andy (my mom's dad) in the creek so we could have a place to swim. We shoveled and built up rocks in that little creek until we finally dammed it up enough to wade in at least. Hey we just wanted to cool of and have fun. A little work paid off.

What about every time I smell a cigar? It floods my brain with memories of my uncle smoking cigars and me riding in his little pick-up truck back down the mountain to spend a week or two at his house with my cousins and my Paw Andy. 

I have so many memories that have just came back this week. Some of them heartbreaking, most of them good. But no matter what may happen in our families, I know that I still have my memories. The good, bad and the ugly. Getting switched at 12am for talking and not including one cousin in the conversation, (she went and told on us) and having to stand in the corner until 2:30am is one of the ugly. HAHAA.  I can laugh now, but man was we mad at her the next day. She didn't even feel the switch, she wrapped herself in a sheet. Yes she got switched too because she tattled, just how it was then. 

Maybe one day I will get a chance and sit and write down all my memories for my children. I wish I had done that when my grandparents had told me stories of their memories. I still have them stored but have yet to put them to paper along with mine.

Most of my memories are comforting. I guess walking down memory lane this week brought on the flood that I am now experiencing. 

Blessing to you and yours!


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