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You know our memories go with us everywhere we go. Some may make us happy. Some make us sad. Then there are those that make us thankful, or make us laugh.  Just this week I have been going through some memories in my life time. Just posting a picture of me when I was very young maybe 2-3yrs old probably more close to 3yrs, brought back lots to mind. With those memories came a flood of other memories. 

Just like Monday night I asked my brother if he wanted some of them cheeses. Yes I said cheeses. My mamaw, my dad's mother loves eating cheese. Every night before bed she would have her a snack of cheese.  She would come and ask everyone in the room if anyone wanted a bite of them cheeses. Makes me giggle just thinking about that.  

Then there is the memory of bologna sandwiches. My cousins and I have discussed this several times reminiscing the past. How come a plain old bologna and cheese sandwich always tastes so much better at a relatives house? I can go for months on end and not e…

What's In Moma's Reading Pile

Okay, okay!!! I know! I am horrible at this blogging thing. I start off blogging good for a few weeks, days and then NOTHING for like weeks or months.  Might I start by saying I am a very busy woman. Always doing for others and for myself as well. It is hard to find time amongst my other duties to even sit and think about something to write about. Oh I have several bible studies that I am wanting to write about, just getting it to this blog is another story all in it's self.

But, here is another day. I am pushing forward and sitting at the computer for the sole purpose of writing. I have been doing a lot of reading. At the moment it consists of recipe books and gardening books plus one homeschooling manual. Very seldom do I get into a fiction type book other than a easy reader with my son. With a love of learning, I prefer learning books. So, I thought I would share what this mom has been reading for the past month.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling By Debra Bell  I got to meet an…

Giving God the Praise

Personal information is just that, personal. I try very hard to never put that out here in cyber land. because the less you share the better off you are with people who you don't know personally. But I am going to share a little bit with you today. 
When DR.'s tell you there is a spot on your lung, your heart drops. Or at least mine did. Thoughts ran through my mind, it's all very scary. 
I am now on 10 weeks of being sick. Coughing, congestion, weakness, no energy the normal things that come from being sick. Called the DR, gave me a round of antibiotics. Took all of that, no better.  Started vomiting up phlegm, still no better. It went from vomiting to coughing up phlegm. Only this time the phlegm was different. It had blood in it.  So called the DR back. This time went in for an appointment to be checked. Now lets check your chest. Spot on lung may be the cause of this sickness. Further testing on the lungs. Prescribed another round of antibiotics. Here I am still sick, go…

Reading Stack This Week

Reading different books always gives me happiness. I am so glad that my son has picked this habit up. For me to go into a library, bookstore, or even book-sale it just makes my world happy.  There is so many things out there to learn about. I am currently reading for myself gardening books, and herbal aromatherapy books.  The gardening for planting and knowledge of what goes with what in a garden best to grow.  As for the herbal books, I want to start relying on some herbs for health reasons and some for going toxic free in cleaning items in our home. Presentation is one of the things I go by when picking books. I know that is just crazy, but its the truth.I like the way a cover looks. If it is presented well, I usually pick it up. So far it hasn't lead me wrong with reading a good book. Although the old saying is "Don't judge a book by it's cover". My mom was a big reader. It is un-telling how many books she read over her lifetime. My brother and I found noteboo…