Wednesday, May 31, 2017


You know our memories go with us everywhere we go. Some may make us happy. Some make us sad. Then there are those that make us thankful, or make us laugh.  Just this week I have been going through some memories in my life time. Just posting a picture of me when I was very young maybe 2-3yrs old probably more close to 3yrs, brought back lots to mind. With those memories came a flood of other memories. 

Just like Monday night I asked my brother if he wanted some of them cheeses. Yes I said cheeses. My mamaw, my dad's mother loves eating cheese. Every night before bed she would have her a snack of cheese.  She would come and ask everyone in the room if anyone wanted a bite of them cheeses. Makes me giggle just thinking about that.  

Then there is the memory of bologna sandwiches. My cousins and I have discussed this several times reminiscing the past. How come a plain old bologna and cheese sandwich always tastes so much better at a relatives house? I can go for months on end and not even touch a bologna sandwich and sure enough when I would go to my Aunts house she would offer a simple bologna sandwich for lunch. Man it was like I couldn't get enough of them.  They tasted so much better there then at my house when I make them. 

Memories of building a pond with my paw Andy (my mom's dad) in the creek so we could have a place to swim. We shoveled and built up rocks in that little creek until we finally dammed it up enough to wade in at least. Hey we just wanted to cool of and have fun. A little work paid off.

What about every time I smell a cigar? It floods my brain with memories of my uncle smoking cigars and me riding in his little pick-up truck back down the mountain to spend a week or two at his house with my cousins and my Paw Andy. 

I have so many memories that have just came back this week. Some of them heartbreaking, most of them good. But no matter what may happen in our families, I know that I still have my memories. The good, bad and the ugly. Getting switched at 12am for talking and not including one cousin in the conversation, (she went and told on us) and having to stand in the corner until 2:30am is one of the ugly. HAHAA.  I can laugh now, but man was we mad at her the next day. She didn't even feel the switch, she wrapped herself in a sheet. Yes she got switched too because she tattled, just how it was then. 

Maybe one day I will get a chance and sit and write down all my memories for my children. I wish I had done that when my grandparents had told me stories of their memories. I still have them stored but have yet to put them to paper along with mine.

Most of my memories are comforting. I guess walking down memory lane this week brought on the flood that I am now experiencing. 

Blessing to you and yours!

Monday, May 29, 2017

What's In Moma's Reading Pile

Okay, okay!!! I know! I am horrible at this blogging thing. I start off blogging good for a few weeks, days and then NOTHING for like weeks or months.  Might I start by saying I am a very busy woman. Always doing for others and for myself as well. It is hard to find time amongst my other duties to even sit and think about something to write about. Oh I have several bible studies that I am wanting to write about, just getting it to this blog is another story all in it's self.

But, here is another day. I am pushing forward and sitting at the computer for the sole purpose of writing. I have been doing a lot of reading. At the moment it consists of recipe books and gardening books plus one homeschooling manual. Very seldom do I get into a fiction type book other than a easy reader with my son. With a love of learning, I prefer learning books. So, I thought I would share what this mom has been reading for the past month.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling By Debra Bell  I got to meet and hear Mrs. Bell last year at the homeschool conference in Winston Salem NC. She is such a sweet lady and very knowledgeable when it comes to homeschooling. If you're wanting to know more about homeschooling and how to start or any other information I suggest this book.  

Hay Day Country Market Cookbook By Kim Rizk This cookbook starts out by giving you the story of Hay Day. Cooking with fresh vegetables, the farm stand style of cooking.

Yum-o The Family Cookbook By Rachael Ray Okay so admit it, who doesn't love Rachael Ray? Well I love her style of cooking. Which is why I purchased this cookbook.

La Belle Cuisine By Patti LaBelle If you don't know here music, well look her up. Bluesy, with R&B.  Such a wonderful voice. Can't wait to cook one of her recipes or a few.

Gardening Projects for Kids By Jenny Hendy I got this for my son and I so that we could do a fun gardening project together. Really want to instill the reasoning for knowing how to garden.

Growing and Using the Healing Herbs By Gaea and Shandor Weiss This book gives you drawings of the herb and also tells how to use them and what the medical properties are.

Barefoot Contessa at Home, and, How Easy is That By Ina Garten I started watching her on the cooking channels and just love this woman's spirit and how she poured her heart into cooking a perfect meal. So I bought 2 of her cookbooks this month. I have enjoyed both of them.

Heirloom Vegetables By Sue Strickland This book talks about how to cultivate and preserve your own seeds. With all the GMO's and pesticides going into our food today, it is worth trying to learn how the older generation did it. Living off the food you grow is so much better for you then buying.

Organic Gardening For the 21st Century By John Fedor A very nice directory from cultivating your land to cold frames, and house plants. You will find what you need in this book to do it yourself.

Well folks that is it for this Mama's reading pile at the moment.  It grows every time I go thrift shopping. If I could afford a home library, I don'think I would ever leave it. Although with my book collection it is slowly headed into a small-medium selection. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about the books I am reading and go check them out for yourselves.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Giving God the Praise

Personal information is just that, personal. I try very hard to never put that out here in cyber land. because the less you share the better off you are with people who you don't know personally. But I am going to share a little bit with you today. 

When DR.'s tell you there is a spot on your lung, your heart drops. Or at least mine did. Thoughts ran through my mind, it's all very scary. 

I am now on 10 weeks of being sick. Coughing, congestion, weakness, no energy the normal things that come from being sick. Called the DR, gave me a round of antibiotics. Took all of that, no better.  Started vomiting up phlegm, still no better. It went from vomiting to coughing up phlegm. Only this time the phlegm was different. It had blood in it.  So called the DR back. This time went in for an appointment to be checked. Now lets check your chest. Spot on lung may be the cause of this sickness. Further testing on the lungs. Prescribed another round of antibiotics. Here I am still sick, got one day of antibiotic left and did I mention I am on  week 10 of this mess?  Yes I am worried. Yes I have fear. Blood just doesn't appear, right? I know that I have chronic Bronchitis, that is nothing new. Could it just be pneumonia? Could the blood be coming from my throat where I have strained so much in coughing?  You see these are things that have ran through my mind up until the day I go for further testing on my lung.

Here I am, worried. I turn to the one person that I know is the only one to help me. I call upon God. I am now in the begging and pleading stage of prayer. I have a 7yr old boy who will let no one do anything for him, except his mother. Talking to God, was all I could do. I called upon Him to help me. God gave me this little boy late in life for a reason, we prayed for another child for 12 yrs. God answered.  So God, let me live long enough to see him at least raised into adulthood. My husband has already said that he didn't know how he would raise him by his-self.  Did I mention he is a momma's boy. Through and through. God, I know you can heal.  My trust and faith in you is strong. I went through praying quietly to begging to reasoning. It has been a rough few weeks. My church family prayed for me. My husband, brother, sister, children and extended family all asking God on my behalf for this to be good news and not bad news.

1 Thessalonians 5:17
"Pray without ceasing."

Then the phone call comes in. Benigned is the word they use. There will never be any sweeter word to my ears. No further testing recommended, nothing to be concerned about. God answered my cry, my plea, my reasoning. I couldn't believe it. God has heard me. A weight was lifted off me like no other weight. I was so happy to hear those words. God deserves all the glory for this good news.

I am still sick, yes. There will be further testing to find out whats going on. Hoping it's just the Bronchitis mixed with severe allergies. We will have to see, but you know what? GOD has this too. I have no doubt we will find the answers and that prayer will be answered also.

If you or someone you know is struggling or going through a health issue, Please tell them of God and what He can do for them. It's always by His will, each individual circumstance.  I know He did this for me and He can do the same for anyone. 

Matthew 21:21
"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

Mark 11:24 
"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

1 John 5:14
"And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Reading Stack This Week

Reading different books always gives me happiness. I am so glad that my son has picked this habit up. For me to go into a library, bookstore, or even book-sale it just makes my world happy.  There is so many things out there to learn about. I am currently reading for myself gardening books, and herbal aromatherapy books.  The gardening for planting and knowledge of what goes with what in a garden best to grow.  As for the herbal books, I want to start relying on some herbs for health reasons and some for going toxic free in cleaning items in our home. Presentation is one of the things I go by when picking books. I know that is just crazy, but its the truth.
I like the way a cover looks. If it is presented well, I usually pick it up. So far it hasn't lead me wrong with reading a good book. Although the old saying is "Don't judge a book by it's cover". My mom was a big reader. It is un-telling how many books she read over her lifetime. My brother and I found notebook after notebook with titles written in it.  She always had at least 3 books going at one time, and usually one at my house going. So the love of reading was passed down to me from my mom. I have passed it to my daughter and now to my son. 

On to what we read this week together, my son and I. I got a few chapter books yesterday that are in the Easy Reading section to try with him. We read the Wind in the Willows a while back and it just wasn't his cup of tea at the time. He still like pictures.

Our books this week has been as listed.

Home by Carson Ellis  
We're all Wonders by RJ Palacio
Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse by Eric Carle

A Child Of Books by Oliver Jeffers

The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen 

The Purple Kangaroo by Michael Ian Black

That is Not A Good Idea by Mo Willem
Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle 

I recommend all of these books to those with younger children. The book Mister Seahorse explained the different ways that fish carry their eggs, and which sex carries them.  In the book A Child of Books, it tells of reading adventures and what a child can be inside of these stories. Orion and the Dark taught a little boy not to be afraid of the dark.  It's stories like these that give children imagination and learning knowledge about fish or other subjects.  

If you don't read to your child, they are missing out on great adventures.  It's just like cloud watching, put yourself into the story and make it your own adventure.