What does the bible say :: Issue 11

So this week I have went over a few verses in Haggai. There in the beginning of chapter one a few verses stuck out to me. How many of you have actually sat down and read Haggai?  One of the shortest books in the bible. It only has two chapters, so it wouldn't be hard for you to sit and read it say in like 15 minutes. But I guarantee not many have.   When I open the bible to read, I don't go in any order. I ask God to show me where He wants me to read from. I have came across some very interesting thing by reading it this way. God always puts right in front of me the things he wants me to see. I have done it since day one of opening a bible and reading its words.

But moving on to my study this week. On to the verses that I am talking about. 

Haggai 1:7-11

This is GOD speaking here to the people by way of the prophet Haggai.

God says, Consider your ways, go up on a mountain, bring down wood and build a house. Now, He is not just talking about any house. He is talking about His house. He says so that He can take pleasure in it and be glorified. 

But did the people do as they were asked? NO!

He wanted the people to build the temple so that they could start worshiping again.  

He gave them two promises concerning the temple. He told them 
  1.  He would take pleasure in it.
  2.     He would be glorified.
So what did the Jews do. They went up on the mountain and came back to their houses.  They looked for much for their houses, but not to God's. They left His house in waste.

Why did the Jews not prosper? 

Because God's house was left in waste and they put no effort in building it up. Because every man was selfish and provided for themselves and their houses. They enjoyed their pleasures, there was no concern for the house of God. 

Doesn't that sound like modern day people. They want to have their possessions looking good and have no concern for the things of God's house. For instance, unless someone is specifically appointed to do the cleaning, maintenance, and yard work around God's house, those duties don't get done. It's a shame. We should keep His house more maintained than our own. We should do more for the Lord so that He will have pleasure and be glorified in our doing.

What did God do because they failed at preparing his house?

He gave out curses on upon the area.
  1. He said there would be no dew fall from the heaven.
  2. The earth would produce no fruit.
  3. There was drought upon the whole land. Upon the mountains, the corn, new wine, oil, the crops, upon the men, the cattle, and upon the men that labored.
Only then did the people listen. If you read on down through the scripture.

Why does it take GOD doing something so harsh to get our attention? It seems to me that we should hearken and obey the first time being told. I know as I was growing up, my dad would only tell me one time to obey what ever it was he was asking,or telling me to do. If he had to say it a second time, well let's just say discipline was issued. We learnt at a young age to listen when being spoken to and to follow direction when given so that we wasn't disciplined. I do as I am told without being told a second time even today. Unless its against God's word. It's the same way with God. He speaks a commandment or instruction and we should take it as that and go on about our day. Not try to do as we want to do. I believe that is one of the reasons people have it so hard in life. They are waiting to be told a second time. 

It don't works that way HONEY!!!  Do as God wants you to do. Don't think of yourself. Build up your house for the Lord so that you can please Him and he be glorified in all that you do.

May this be a blessing to someone. Sound in, Let me know what you think.


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    1. Aww thank you. I see your comment now. Love you sister!!

  2. Well put ! Thank you for sharing !

  3. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy reading your studies and insight!

  4. Thank you,,it takes effort, and some weeks I being human am still not there.

  5. Good word. Haggai was very direct. He was the flagship for "repent and rebuild theme".

    1. He really was. If only they would have listened.


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