Saying Good-Bye, A Tribute

Its a tough thing.  We all have to go through it. None of us are exempt from it. None of us can escape to somewhere that it doesn't happen. There is no such a place.

The bible says it this way, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1-22.

Well we have just went though one of those seasons with a dear friends departure. She has finally made it home. One of the saints of old. A elder to the ladies in our church. A Sister in Christ.
Mrs. Linda Deyton

We met Mrs. Linda in 2012 when we started going to the church we attend now. She was always kind and welcoming. As time grew we just fell in love with this sweet lady. She was like a mother, grandmother and friend all balled up into one. Never heard her say a harsh word to anyone. Always told everyone she loved them and was praying for them. From our time of meeting until her departure to Heaven, we were friends. My husband and I would go and visit quiet often and minister the word to her when she couldn't get out to church. That is one of the things that I am going to miss is sitting in her home and feeling the liberty to say and speak about our Lord without hindrance. She loved hearing about God, and what he could do for us.

Mrs. Linda loved coming to church. That was something that no one could take away from her. And boy was she a shouter and would testify about how good the Lord was to her. She loved telling you about God. She always asked prayer for her lost loved one. Never giving up on them even in the end, her prayer was still for her family.  I watched her pour her love into her five children. Especially into her grand children and great grands. Such sweet joy to see her interact with them baby boys.  You could tell they loved their mamaw too.

When I started going to the women's group at our church, she was the teacher. I learned so much under her. You could tell that she really studied it out so that she could share what the Lord had showed her in the scripture.  She was faithful to the women's group and to her women's Sunday school class.  She passed the bar to me when she had felt as though it was time for someone else to teach women's group. I just hope that I can uphold the standards she had.  I really looked up to this lady. If ever there was a someone that upheld the scriptures it was her.

She was that older lady teaching the younger ladies.
Visiting with Mrs. Linda

She was that mother showing her children the right path.

She was that faithful friend until the end.

I will cherish the memories that I have of Mrs. Linda always. There will be no other like her.
She loved to cut up and laugh. She also had a love of working in the garden, keeping her house plants and crafting. Boy could she paint. She was very talented.

Until we meet again sweet lady. I know there is no pain, no sickness, where you're at. Your seeing the colors of a garden that we could never imagine. You're worshiping our Lord and having a time up there. You will be truly missed here on earth, but I would never ask you back to this sinful world just to hear your voice once more.  Shout enough for us, until we reach that golden strand to join in with you.


  1. Loved reading this Peggy. God crosses our paths with those who He chooses us to learn from and thanks for allowing me to witness your Christian friendship with Ms. Deyton. God bless you, your family and friends.


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