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Hey y'all!! Hope that your week has been totally awesome. Mine, well it wasn't bad but it wasn't awesome either. With still having Bronchitis (6 weeks and counting) and being on antibiotics, my system just hasn't been working at the pace I need it to. I'm a go getter and when i'm not well it bothers me that my strength is not there. My family also had a death this week, my great aunt passed away. So that kinda bummed me out too, on top of being sick. Although all of this is going on we still find time to read in this homeschool home.  As I have said before, reading is key.  I always have time to read, no matter what is going on.  So let me share with you what my son has had he pleasure of hearing this week.

From author Ryan T. Higgins  " Mother Bruce"  It was a really cute little book. The bear loves food but get a surprise when he cooks some eggs.

Author Eric Carle " Slowly, slowly, slowly" said the sloth."  This book is cute just because its a Carle book. I love his stories.

From Lois Ehlert "Feathers for Lunch" This book was about all different kinds of birds. It gave us a chance to learn about birds.

From Kimberly & James Dean  "Pete the Cat and His magic Sunglasses"  WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Pete the Cat books..all I can say.

Author James Russell "The Dragon Hunters"  Q loved this book, just because it had a dragon in it. The story is really good also.

Author Peter Brown "Mr. Tiger goes Wild"  Loved it,,its about a tiger that goes back to nature.

I hope that you liked our reads this week, because we sure did. We love love to read.  If you haven't read any of these books we recommend them to you.  Have a blessed night!!


  1. Awesome posts and thanks for the recommendations, we could always ALWAYS use good book recommendations! And Pete is our favorite too, and the Pigeon books! I'll have to check out some of the others though! Hope you're doing great lady!


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