Reading Stack This Week

So I don't know about y'all but in our homeschool we do a lot of reading. It is a important key in learning. A child being read to helps in lots of areas of growth. For instance, it develops intelligence. We want our kids to be bright, smart, and imaginative.  Imagination is one thing I hope my kid never grows out of.  Reading out loud to your children builds a bond between the parent and child. I started reading to my child way before he was born. He has been able to pronounce words that is sometimes hard to me since he was 2 yrs old. Reading builds there language skills. It helps them to be able to carry a conversation.  Reading out loud to them also helps them learn to read.

So why do I have a large library of children's book and why do I check out many books from the library?  Its so that I can read to my son.  I want him to learn to listen, picture the story from imagining it happening, and help him to tell me a story of his own.

So our book list this week was as follows::::

from author Mo Willems, I Really Like Slop!  Which in turn prompted questions about what slop was, and me having to explain what it was. Such a cute book.

Also from author Mo Willems,
Elephants Cannot Dance!
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

From author Denise Fleming
Where Once There Was a Wood
This book also prompted questions about our environment and how when we cut down the trees and destroy the animals habitats the animals suffer.

In the back of the book it gave definitions of what a habitat, space, shelter, water and food mean to our wildlife.

Lots of information and I recommend it if your studying nature.

From author Jacqueline McQuade
Good Times with Teddy Bear

It was about the things that teddy bear did throughout his day. Really cute and easy read.  Also could be used as a beginning reader.

From author Louise Yates
Dog Loves Counting

Another cute book and easy read.

From author Bill Peet
How Droofus The Dragon Lost His Head

This was a good book. My son loves all things dinosaurs or dragons. So that being said he really enjoyed finding out how this dragon lost his head.

The last book we read this week was called The Sleeper and the Spindle by author Neil Gaiman. This is a juvenile fiction book, but it looked interesting so I thought we would give it a try. It is a spin off of Snow White. The story was great. I only found two problems with this book.  Me being a christian and a wife of a preacher, I prefer not to expose my child to some things. I will not go into detail, to save a argument. Other than those two things it was a really good story.  It took us about four nights to read it, as I read it in sections each night.

Other than bible reading with our school work this is all that we read this week. Some weeks the book line up is longer than others.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what we read in our homeschool. may you be blessed and read lots to your children.


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