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So a few days ago was exciting for my little guy. We got to go to homeschool group. We love our homeschool group days. We get to see our friends and mommy gets a little mommy time with other moms.  We did a Easter Party.  My group is a Christian based group. So first things first.  We put Christ first. One of the moms did devotional with the kids. She read the Easter story from Luke 24 to the kids. After reading the story to them she asked questions to see if they could answer.  This is really to see who was paying attention. HAHA. Then we gave them a coloring page of Jesus that said He is Risen. After that we did egg coloring and egg hunting. Plus during the mist of it all we fit in lunch together.  Our homeschool group is like one big family, or at least that is what I consider them. OUR FAMILY.  I couldn't imagine homeschooling and not having a group to lean on when I needed them. So here is a few pictures for our Easter Party. Hope that you enjoy.


  1. Hey lady! Posts like this are my favorite!!! LOVE them! I love your little homeschool group! It was the sweetest group of people! I also love your pics!!!
    I wanted to let you know I'm taking a google plus break, so I made you and Shellie moderators of the community. You don't have to do anything but I just wanted to make sure that it didn't go away when I did. :) But you don't have to do anything extra to use it! :) Just had to put people I trust as moderators!
    I'll also not be following on google plus but I'll be on blogger, so let me know if you change your blog address or anything. for now I'll just catch up on blogger on my reading list! My blog is over at now :) Love ya lady!

    1. Ok sweet lady. Your always breaking,,bahaa. Thanks for keeping up on Blogger. Love your posts just as much. Love ya sis.


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