Today is a new day. I awoke to the phone ringing, and the snow falling on the ground. Its the month of March and with the mild winter we have had, the snow is welcoming. Winter is always such a somber time here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. But this winter has been very unusual for us. Going from days of 30 degrees to days that are 70 almost 80 degrees this year. I love the warmer weather but, we need the snow as well. God always has a plan. He could have given us the dark and gloomy winter of years past, but He chose to let us see a glimpse of beauty this year.  

God always sends us what we need when we need it. He never fails to supply our needs. He says in Philippians 4:19 that its according to his riches in glory are we supplied.  He never said that He would give us our wants. But He did say in Psalms 37:5 that if we commit to him, trust in him, that he would bring it to pass.  

Spring is coming. I love the smell of fresh tilled ground, the coolness of the earth running between my fingers. Seeing the birds chirping and fluttering from tree to tree.  The colors that are so vibrant when the flower are blooming.  For those that find winter a somber time, spring should pick up their spirits with all the fresh clean air and newness around. One thing I love to see in the spring is the house sparrows that I have nesting in my garage. They have had a nest built on the chimney in my garage for about 10 years now. We don't bother them, nor do they us, other than the occasional darting at us as we walk in the door.  They nest about twice a year, in the spring and again in late summer. Such beauty.  

How can someone not believe in God?

When I look around and see all that He has created and done for me, I cannot imagine not believing in God.  I see Him in all things.  My son on occasion will ask "who made God, Mommy?" the only way to answer that is that he has always been in existence.  That then turns into more questions, but to a 7 yr old sometimes you have to simplify it to make sense in their minds of understanding. 

I said all this just so that I could say this. God is faithful, and if we trust in Him, He will always give us what we need. No matter what that is. He does what is good for us.  Even though I hear people saying that Mother Earth is out of wack this year or that the weather is bipolar. Just remember that God always knows what we need even in the seasons.  


  1. what a beautiful reminder my dear friend!! It's true that God is so wonderful! I also enjoy the spring, but there's something about long winter days where we are all 'snowed in' that is uncomparable. Something about the quietness of the world when the snow is on the ground that you can't describe to someone who has never seen it! There's things I love about all seasons, thankfully! And God is so faithful! Love ya and glad to see you writing again!

    1. You are right, the long winter days gives much also. God is always faithful. Thanks for reading. Much Love and stay warm.

  2. Ohh how I miss the mountains at times ! This made me need to visit ! This is so beautifully written ! Thankyou for sharing it ! Praying for you always ! Love you

    1. Mrs. Shellie, you know the mountains misses you. You will always be welcomed back. So happy about your report on health. God is good all the time and as long as we are faithful to Him. Love you and many blessings to you.


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