Through the Changes of Life

So this morning as I was going though the normal routine of a Friday morning, a thought came to me. It was the thought about how much things have changed in my life and the things that God has helped me to change. You know I make references all the time to friends and family about how God has turned me around and took certain things away from me and how He helps me to hold my tongue.  I came to realize there are several things that have changed. 

I know that passage in Ecclesiastes 3 that tells  of all the seasons that people go through.  There is a time for everything.  It's all there. Read it for yourself.

But back to what I am talking about. 

Just the other day I was asked about a certain movie. If I had ever seen it. This particular movie was a horror movie. Now since living the life of a Christian and especially being more conscience of what I partake of, I told the person that I hadn't watched that movie, nor did I have the desire to watch that movie, and it wasn't allowed to be played in my home.  Now it's hard for some to understand what I am talking about. 

They may ask " What do you mean you can't watch this?", "What is wrong with watching a movie?"

Well this is something that the Lord has changed in me. This is one of the changes that I have went through. There are certain things I do not watch anymore. There is certain music I don't listen to anymore.  My way of dressing has became more modest. My speech changed many, many years ago. I use to be into horror movies and novels, or listen to Rap, Rock, Country or R&B music.  But not anymore. 

You see when God started molding me and changing me, most of what I thought was okay to entertain  was not okay is not okay.  What you entertain will grow and bloom and if its not the right things, if its not what God had planned for you, if you entertain in more than godly things, well you see were I am headed with this.

God changed my palate. 

The things I use to watch,  read or even listen to, I have no desire for.  I have went through many seasons in my life with just the changes I have made in how the things I use to do are not there anymore. I have grown in the love for the Lord.  I see the benefits of worshiping Him and trying to keep myself a clean vessel. Its hard, i'm human, but it can be done. 
Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

That verse tells me to not conform. God renewed my mind. I no longer want to see all the bad things that the world puts out there. I no longer want to hear the worldly music or read someones perverted or twisted stories. Once you put a image in or a song in there is no turning back.  Its there for good.  It can not be unseen or unheard.  And we wonder why some people do the things they do. 

For instance...You watch porn, and you continue to grow in that way, now all you can see are those images and you think a normal relationship is supposed to be like that. You now think that women or men are supposed to be just like what you seen.
Then when you have a relationship, and you find out that a true, honest and godly relationship is not that way. Now you cannot un-see the images of what you put into your mind and it destroys your relationship, because you allowed it to flurish.
Only God can bring you out of a situation like that. 

You see I had conformed before I started living for God. I was saved, YES. But I didn't live fully for God and thought that I could put into my mind whatever I wanted, I could read whatever I wanted, I could listen to whatever I wanted and I would still be okay. Now that I live for Him, I see that there is no way I want to go back. I give Him all the glory for my life and the worldly things he has taken away from me. 

If you have problems with giving up worldly things even though you may be saved, let God in fully. Until you give up that you can have the best of both worlds, nothing you do is going to work. Only God can help. He did me. People may not understand my change, but at least I know a God that does. I am not saying that I don't hear or see it, because its all around me. I just don't go out of my way anymore to seek it. 

(It's kinda like when I smoked cigarettes, I bought them every day I fed that issue therefore allowing it to grow from a few a day to a whole pack a day. Now that I don't smoke, (almost 8 yrs clean) I see them in the store, but I won't allow myself to buy them.) 

That is God giving me the strength to continue to say no to something that is not of Him. I don't allow certain things in my house anymore, I don't entertain it anymore, so therefore it has not way to grow. What you sow you will reap. No matter what. That is just life. And what you bring into your home will grow.  Take the bad away and put in some good. I am sure you will feel much better.

May this be a blessing to someone that may be struggling with letting go of things they shouldn't be doing. I pray it encourages you to give in to God and let go of the worldly things.


  1. This is the best post I've read today! Thank you so much for sharing what was on your heart! It spoke volumes to me! Sometimes I try to think about things in my life that seemed so hard to give up at the time and then all of the sudden I didn't desire them any longer! Thank God for that transformation! My little girl has a poem that she reads me a lot.. she says "Your heart is a garden, your mind is the seeds, it can grow flowers or it can grow weeds." Love that, and your post made me think of that today. Thank you for sharing! And I quit smoking 8 years ago and every day I thank God for the strength to do that, because I believe it was the spiritual discipline that started me on the upward climb to something better! Love you lady! Thank you so much for being faithful to sharing your heart!!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I am glad it got you to thinking and that it was a help. Today my hubby and I was talking and he reminded me of this story in the bible too.

      Luke 11:24 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.

      25 And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.

      26 Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

      So you see what ever we stop entertaining and then pick it up can come back stronger. That puts a whole other spin on things. Those verses speak a mouth full. LOVE ya sis.


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