What the Bible says--Issue 3

The other night my preacher husband and I was discussing the differences in a few words biblcally. Sometimes preachers just preach what they have heard, or what has been handed down throughout the generations. Which should be a big no no. That is where a preacher confuses people, because most times they take the preacher at his word and don't research it for themselves.  Christian people have become lazy and rely on everyone else to do the work for them. I am so glad that I have a husband that will search and study it out for himself.  We say that if you're going to tell me about the bible show me where its at in the bible. Prove it to me.  

Any who, back to what I was saying about the words.We got into a discussion about what Unchaste, Chaste, Chastisement meant. 

We we found out that, 
Unchaste means::Relating to or engaging in sexual activity, especially of an illicit or extramarital nature:

Chaste means:: Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse:
Not having any sexual nature or intention: Without unnecessary ornamentation; simple or restrained:

Chastisement::  Correction; punishment; pain inflicted for punishment and correction, either by stripes or otherwise.

This then lead to another discussion on if you're being UNCHASTE, does that mean that God will put you under Chastisement to bring you back from where you're at?  Because if you're a Chaste person you have not sin in that area.  Something to make you go hmmm. 

When your studying, make time to truly study out what someone has told you for yourself. Never take someones word for it, always search the bible for you. Just the way these 3 words are described by someone who doesn't know the meaning can lead you wrong. 

My prayer is that this be a blessing for you and that if you don't know Jesus that you will come to know him before it's to late to turn back. Many blessing's to you and yours.

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  1. You could not be more right Ms. Peggy! That's something that they talk about a lot here at Fruitland! Preaching is a call that shouldn't be taken lightly, it should be taken with fear and trembling, and it's a blessing to find preachers who do! I think that's the difference between preachers who preach just to be a 'preacher' and those who desire to spread Gods word! Awesome to read a post about your ministry, and I know God is going to do some amazing things with you guys in your ministry! Love you and thank you so much for being active in the blog community!!!

    1. I enjoy blogging Mrs. Stacy, but it comes in waves. Thank you for being a reader.

  2. Expository preaching is so very needed. Teaching believers how to use Bible Study Tools and how to study is so important and lacking. We must be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures to see if what we have been taught agrees with the Word of God.

    1. Exactly. If we don't go and search it out for ourselves then how will we know when we are told wrong. Thank you for reading.


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