Jr. History Club--Homeschool Outing

Yesterday was our monthly Jr. History Club meeting. This club meets once a month and we get to learn about all things history.  I know, I know, not everyone enjoys History, but my son is just 6 yrs old and I am trying to help him in learn to love it.  His instructor is an awesome godly lady who takes learning about history to a whole other level. She finds fun things for them to do, not just have them set in a classroom and do paper work. 

We went to the historic Nu Wray Inn that is in Burnsville NC. This is such a wonderful old building. Beautiful inside. It was built in 1833. It was placed on the National Historic Register in 1982.  Thomas Wolfe spent the night there in 1929 when he was a witness at a murder trial in Burnsville. Elvis Presley and William Sydney Porter (O. Henry) were also guests there. We had a wonderful time touring the house and its grounds. Below is a few pictures. I hope that if your ever in this area, you'll stop in for a spell at the Nu Wray for a stay in our little town.

Our little group

Exploring the grounds

Old rock fireplace

Look on the ceiling, what is it?

Yes when the Circuit Preacher came to town they held services here. 

The tall chimney


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