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Blogtober day 19 Freshly made bed

Hello all. Well this one is one that I will miss out on doing.  

Freshly Made Bed

You see I think my bedroom is personal and private between my husband and I. That being said, I find it weird taking pictures of my bedroom. Especially to post on social media. If you agree or disagree, it doesn't matter, my way of thinking and feeling is my way of thinking and feeling. I'll still love ya!

But on another note, I can tell you that I love the crispness of sheets that have been put out on the line in the fall of the year, and the freshness they bring in. They are a little rough and not soft like being in a dryer. No dryer sheet could ever match the scent of the fresh outdoors. god has a amazing way with all things he has made.

Blessing to you and yours!!

Blogtober Day 18 Throwback Thursday

To be honest,,I have nothing for this one. But I will at least try. HA HA. So for a Throwback Thursday I thought and thought about what I was a supposed to do. I even googled what it meant.

I took the last meaning off because of a curse word. But it didn't have any meaning anyway.
So my throw back is going to be of a picture of me from back in the day when my daughter was still in elementary school and one of me now. Hey not much has changed other than me getting much older.   This is the one of me when I was younger. I had these pictures took with my daughter and my mom. Glamour Shots is what they was called and they was all the hype back then. 

Tada,,here I am today.           Much older and much more mature.  Like I said not much has changed. So this is my Throwback Thursday. 

May this be a blessing to you. Always know that you are beautiful no matter what age you become. 


Blogtober Day 17 My favorite thing about Fall

So this is a little late getting out, our homeschool group had a field trip yesterday so I was busy all day.

Good morning folks!! Today I have a field trip so this will be short. The topic that was chosen for today is what " My favorite thing about fall is". 

I must say that Autumn is my favorite all time favorite time of year. the air gets a little bit cooler. Those that know me know that I can't handle the heat. With my breathing issues and my allergies heat is not my friend. In the fall of the year the breeze is crisp and clear. Like its cleansing to me. There is a freshness about it. Sitting on a porch in the fall of the year drinking coffee first thing in the morning watching the sun rise wrapped in a blanket or house coat,,oh MY!! There is nothing more better. The autumn colors just amaze me. God has painted the most beautiful colors in the fall of the year.  Yes I know spring is pretty and full bloom,,but see what He does with those colors. He makes them darker shad…

Blogtober Days 15 & 16 One goal this month, and Whats on my desk

Since yesterday was Sunday and our time together as a family to worship, I chose not to write. We are just to busy on Sunday's to do much of anything. Yesterday we had Homecoming at church with a fellowship meal afterwards and the husband preached on the radio broadcast. So today I am going to combine both days. Which shouldn't be that hard.

So yesterday the post was about a GOAL that I wanted to accomplish this month. 

Well I can go ahead and tell you that it is to finish this months homeschooling lessons without being behind. So far so good, but you never know what may arise and knock us off our game. It never fails when we are ahead something comes along, but I am hopeful not this month.

Today's subject is  Whats on my desk.  Well as with many people's personal work desk it is a bit cluttered. 

I have homeschool books, a dinosaur, note pad, pens, Daily Devotional book, a few magazines,  my camera, a bottle of linen spray and folded socks. Yes I said folded socks. HAHAAA…

Blogtober Day 14 My Favorite Spot in the House

Good morning folks. I pray you all had a great night and was restful. Today's blog post is about my favorite spot in my house. To be honest with you, I have never really thought about a favorite spot in my house. I stay in my office area more than I do anywhere else due to being a homeschool mom. I love the kitchen, there are lots of wonderful creations made and shared. In the kitchen lots of warm conversations have been made at my table. Growing up, grown ups sat at the kitchen table and had coffee and conversations us children were to little to hear. They would send us out to play so they could be in private. Now me being a grown up, those conversations are not all so private, ha. I think they just wanted us out of the house, Today when I visit friends or family we do the same, the table is where we have long wonderful conversations. Still I wouldn't say it is my favorite spot. It's a comfort spot.

I love my front porch. I guess if I had to have a favorite spot it would b…

Blogtober Day 13 The New Recipe

So today when I went over to see what today's blog was supposed to be about, there was nothing there for the slot on the 13th.  Matter of fact the 13 wasn't to be found any where on the picture. I wonder if it was left out because of superstition? You know, it's Friday the 13th of October oooohhhh.  Yea lots of people have issue with that. Me I have JESUS!!

Anywho,,on to my own invented day 13 for the Blogtober.

I chose to do a new recipe.

Youtube an be awesome at times. I have found a whole new channel on there, that since I have been watching it, I have learned lots of new recipes and how to's.  I mean it's been a wow factor for me. The lady that owns the channel lives in Canada. She does things totally like our forefathers would have done to be sustainable and frugal.  Canning every thing she can get in a jar, baking her own breads and pastries, dehydrating every thing she can, including Chicken Broth!!! They grow their own meat and process it, chicken's, goats…

Blogtober Day 12 The Husband

Well it's better to start late than never to begin at all. You may be thinking "what is she talking about?"  Well I am talking about a link up party that is called Blogtober. It began on the first day of October, but I just now found out about it. It's a encouragement to blog each day about a certain subject.  So I begin today. 

The subject of today is My Husband. 
There is so much that I could say about the man that I married. It may bore you so I won't be long. I am head over heals in love with this man so much that my sister in law says that I have been brain washed into thinking he is just that great.

He is the shepherd of our little family, he is the great provider of that flock, he is a gentleman, a friend, a brother and a son. He rises early and leaves for work everyday, 5-6 days a week. 4:30 am comes early for some. His days don't end till sometimes 6-8 pm. His hours are long and hard but with each step of the day he reminds him-self that he does this n…

Maybe I am to Straight forward

Well today has just been one of those days. You know where you getup and think "I'm going to do something productive today" and that is as far as it goes. I did however get two kitchen cabinets cleaned out. More space to just fill back up , RIGHT!!

SO any ways after a tedious three hrs of homeschooling we finally got it all accomplished with only taking one hour away of tablet time. Oh and you would have thought I had killed him. It broke his heart, especially since I stuck to the punishment. Anyway off topic,,I am rambling.  As I sat down to rest I got to thinking of this blog and how certain topics do better than others. Got me to thinking about my posts. Then I come to the realization,, a ah ha moment, that sometimes when I write i'm just too straight forward. 

It just sort of gets put out there. Sometimes I have not sympathy on the subject or sometimes I don't show grace. The bible says this about Grace:: 

1 Peter 4:10 As every man hath received the gift, even s…

Our Son's First Fishing Attempt

Well we finally did it. We finally took our little boy fishing. He is seven years old and has been wanting to go for ever in a day. A really good friend of ours said that she would take him. So off to the pond we went.

Now our little guy I don't think thought this through. He is not very patient and his attention span comes and goes. But we tried anyways.  He didn't catch anything but he tried. If you count all of 10 minutes trying. HAHA. He got tired of waiting.

He would rather be digging in the mud or trying to get in the water.  I knew that he wasn't ready for this but had to let him see for his-self. He loves to explore and find bugs or lizard, creepy crawlers as I call it. That is right up his alley. Fishing not so much except holding the fish and looking at it. Exploring a fish. That's it. Our friend caught several fish and she let him hold each one she caught. That made his day more than trying to catch it his-self.  All in all it was a great evening watching al…

Why That Picture?

Okay as many of you know that know me personally knows that I have a few pet peeves.  I mean I have some serious one too. But in all the ones that I have there are some that are really serious ones that I shouldn't even ever need to bring about to a conversation. It's common sense people. 


Okay so I am not perfect. I probably have posted a picture of someone that they didn't want posted on social media. I am sure we are all guilty of that. But this is not what my issue is.  My issue revolves around our children's pictures on social media. I often have to ask WHY???

So maybe your not following me.

Nudity pictures or half nude pictures of our children.  Cute little baby pictures that are innocent to us. You know the ones i'm talking about. The ones with just their bums showing. Or the ones in the bath tubs with a cloth covering them in the private areas.  Or how about that picture of your daughter in a bikini at the beach? Not yet a teen, or pr…

Canning Season has arrived!

Don't know about your family , but in my family we can up food to help sustain us through out the winter. With prices of food and with the way things are going in our world, it's not a bad thing to know how to do. So if you don't know how to, it would be a good thing to learn. 

Just this year so far we have canned 

green beans,

spaghetti sauce,
apple butter,
and vegetable soup.   '

It may take a lot of work growing the garden, and buying the supplies, and putting it all together. But it is worth it in the end. They'll be no hungry bellies when winter hits.  With the sauce alone there is so many dishes you can make. Same goes for the beans. They go well with lots of things.  I am thankful for the people that took time to teach me how to can my food.  God always supplies our needs no matter what. This is one blessing that I am glad he supplied.

The Surprise Birthday Party

Family is important to me. Family means everything to me, and I want it in my children's lives.  There is no better feeling than knowing that you have a family that is always there for you.  
This past weekend my mother in law had a birthday. She turned 73 years young.  the only thing she asked for was to have her kids around her and to have a fish dinner.  Well her daughter went one step farther than that. She planned a surprise birthday party for her mom. She invited the siblings and their children to come.  With this hurricane that was in FL we have a niece that lives there. She came up and was to be a surprise for her Nanny since we don't get to see her much. 
My husband and I picked up one of his younger brothers and his mom to. We were to bring her to the party without Nanny knowing what we was doing. She still thought we was going out to eat at a restaurant.  My husband and I took his mom shopping for a new outfit for her birthday. She loves having something new to wear t…

School has Officially STARTED!!!

Well it's that time of year again. SCHOOL TIME!!!  As most know we homeschool in our family. It's just what works and fits for us. I love so doing it and watching my son grow in knowledge. It is amazing what you see when you are one on one with a child in learning.  

This year I am using a eclectic source of books to teach from. I didn't stick to one company alone this time around. When my daughter was homeschooled I tried top stay with Bob Jones curriculum. Most of the time it worked out but I remember a few years that we went with whatever came my way. So with our son, I just chose the things that made since to me. Here is a picture of our school basket. This is where you will find all of his school material as far as books go. 

 As you can see there is a few different publisher here.  This year I have First Language Lessons, Horizons Math, and Abeka for Science and History. We have never tried Horizons for Math before.  So far he likes it.  Teaching second grade is new fo…

Howdy YA'LL!!! It's been a while

Howdy. I'm back for the moment. HA!!  Its been a long and hard summer. Been super busy and had lots going on in the family. 

So to begin with, I have finally found a Doctor that is wanting to help me get better and not just put a band-aid on the problem. I have been struggling now for almost a year with some health issues. Finally I have a few answers and getting better. I also have a very great friend that is being supportive for me though all my sickness. So glad that I have her.
Lots of prayer from family and friends, anointing healing from God above and someone willing to listen.

Also this summer has been a sad one.  I lost a cousin in my family and my husband lost a dear friend in his. It always seems as though deaths always come around time to start canning for the winter.  At least it does for me.

My husband is still preaching and going where ever the Lord leads him to go. He has now preached twice on the radio for our churches broadcast.  We pray that it touches someone and th…

What the Bible says:: Issue 12 Let's talk Satan!

As I said the other day in my blog I have lots of bible studies that I want to write about but only when the Lord gives me the okay on it. So over the past few weeks or even a month I have went over and over this passage that I came across in my study bible. 

It says: 

Satan is not a evil principle, an error of the mortal mind, a disease germ, an abstract power, or a being with hooves, horns, tail, and Persian shoes, holding a pitchfork and presiding over a lake of fire and the realm of the dead.

Wow, that's a mouth full. But nine times out of ten what does people teach that the devil does look like?  Just the other day my son drew a dragon with horns, and a pitchfork and told me it was the devil, but not the real devil mom, just a devil dragon.  If I hadn't been in church service I would have probably inquired further as to what he really thinks Satan is and what he looks like.

Let's look at what Satan is.

Satan is a real person. 1 Chronicles 21:1And Satan stood …


You know our memories go with us everywhere we go. Some may make us happy. Some make us sad. Then there are those that make us thankful, or make us laugh.  Just this week I have been going through some memories in my life time. Just posting a picture of me when I was very young maybe 2-3yrs old probably more close to 3yrs, brought back lots to mind. With those memories came a flood of other memories. 

Just like Monday night I asked my brother if he wanted some of them cheeses. Yes I said cheeses. My mamaw, my dad's mother loves eating cheese. Every night before bed she would have her a snack of cheese.  She would come and ask everyone in the room if anyone wanted a bite of them cheeses. Makes me giggle just thinking about that.  

Then there is the memory of bologna sandwiches. My cousins and I have discussed this several times reminiscing the past. How come a plain old bologna and cheese sandwich always tastes so much better at a relatives house? I can go for months on end and not e…

What's In Moma's Reading Pile

Okay, okay!!! I know! I am horrible at this blogging thing. I start off blogging good for a few weeks, days and then NOTHING for like weeks or months.  Might I start by saying I am a very busy woman. Always doing for others and for myself as well. It is hard to find time amongst my other duties to even sit and think about something to write about. Oh I have several bible studies that I am wanting to write about, just getting it to this blog is another story all in it's self.

But, here is another day. I am pushing forward and sitting at the computer for the sole purpose of writing. I have been doing a lot of reading. At the moment it consists of recipe books and gardening books plus one homeschooling manual. Very seldom do I get into a fiction type book other than a easy reader with my son. With a love of learning, I prefer learning books. So, I thought I would share what this mom has been reading for the past month.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling By Debra Bell  I got to meet an…