Those we meet

So today while out and about I came across a very interesting woman. Have you ever had those kinds of days where you just hit it off with someone? Well that happened today. As I was sitting at the eye doctors with my mother, there was a woman and man sitting across from us. My son was with us, so he is the reason the conversations started. She started by asking him about his rubber snake that he had and his tablet. She asked him about his age and where he went to school. He told her home and he was six years old. Then she leans over to me and says " I am glad that you homeschool, I am a retired teacher and homeschooling is the way to go". I thanked her for that, it means a lot when a retired teacher tells me something like that.  He told her about dinosaurs and she was just amazed at all he knew about them and how he could pronounce the scientific names so well. So there the conversation began. I found out that she was from the same area as my husband. So we had that area in common since I lived there with him for the first twelve years of our marriage.  Then it went from talking about homeschooling, to me telling her about a Christian view point and her telling me she was Christian also. We talked about the different doctrines that different religions have, such as Baptist VS Pentecostal's. We were Baptist in faith so that made it easy. But I was also brought up Free Will Baptist and Pentecostal, so I knew a little bit about the subject. Then we went into what certain words really meant in the bible when you do a word study and then onto topics that are a concern in our country right now. It was such a blessing to find someone that didn't mind speaking of the bible. Someone who was comfortable just being in public and sharing. That made a world of difference to me. To be a seventy two year old woman and be that way was amazing to  me.  We said our good byes and I gave her my number and told to call anytime she felt the need to talk. I made a new friend and hope to see her again in the future or at least hear from her.  God sends people our way for a reason. I am glad I was sent her way or she my way today. It was a blessing to me.

Peggy McCoyle


  1. I love it when God sends someone by to remind us we aren't alone !!!! She sounds like she was an amazing woman to have met !!! Love you Mrs Peggy


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