My version of the Un-Paper Towels

After many long hours of reading, and reading again I finally decided to just go for it. I am talking about sewing something I had on my mind for a long period of time.

See when I sew, it's because I'm in the mood.

Well here we go. I chose to make the Un-Paper Towels. They are everywhere. I have read blog after blog and watched video after video on how to make them. There are several different varieties of them. Since I don't have a serger  ($500.00 + for a good new one) I chose to straight sew and turn it out then top stitch all the way around, top stitching a X thru the middle from corner to corner to hold it together in the wash, adding snaps to both sides. That is one of the most popular ways of creating them that I found for people with no serger.  So here is a picture of what I accomplished. If I do say so myself they turned out pretty good. 

The towels are 9 inches wide x 12 inches in height. Pictures are of front , with one set of snaps (still attaching the other set to back side), back showing the terrie cloth, and what it would look like snapped together standing on a paper towel holder.

There going to look great in my kitchen, I collect roosters and just about each one has that burgundy color in the feathers.

Thinking about cost and what I will save in not buying paper towels. These are washable, and reusable. Right up my alley.  Now to remember NO fabric softener.

Peggy McCoyle


  1. These are fabulous!!! Goodness I wish I had the sewing skill!!! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I am excited about saving on the paper products. There are several other products I am in the process of making. Just hope my mood for sewing stays around for a bit.


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