Today let it be

Today I am choosing to get up. Today I am fighting depression. I will not let it bring me down.

Depression is hard to deal with. Some days all I want to do is sleep. I don't want to acknowledge my sickness. I feel as though if I sleep it all away tomorrow will be better. But it never is. Only the days I fight are they better. No one knows the pain I feel. No one can tell me what I feel. Only I know.

People have said to me, get over it, move on, be stronger than that, or you are stronger than the problem. People, I am a very strong person, inside and out. I have always been. But you see this is pulling from the heart strings. I'm not strong in that area. My husband tries his best to know what I'm going through. He is going through the same thing, but a man deals differently. 

The Bible tells me in Eccleiastes 7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit better than the proud in spirit.

Therefore God is telling me the end result is better and me being patient is better. So today I choose to be more patient and not let depression take me. Today I choose to have a good day. Today I am up and awake. Today I will live amongst the living, instead of the sleeping. Today will be a great day.

Peggy McCoyle


  1. Praying for my sweet friend ! Depression is a serious disease.... It plagues more Christians than most would ever tell !!! Thank you for being honest about it ! God will carry through this storm !!!! He promises He will !!!! Each day you fight through makes the next easier !!!! I love you and I am here anytime if you need me !!!


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