Thankful for friends

Well it's been a few days since my depression post. Since then I have managed to get a kidney stone, and get sick with stomach flu all in the same week.

But as with all things But God.

I had some really close and dear friends contact me on a certain event and make sure I was ok. I am so thankful that I have such friends that care enough to call, text, or even invite me to lunch.

It started out as a bad morning from the get go, on the day of that event, but before he left for work my hero prayed for me, with me and asked the Lord to intervene and not let the circumstances of our situation ruin my day. He is so strong and faithful and true. He deals with the same issue but never complains. But comes to my rescue every time.  I didn't let a tear fall the whole day. Yes I welled up for a moment, but that day the littlest in my life didn't see his mom cry.

Today I ran into a very dear soul who has never been afraid to pray with me publicly. Never been afraid to speak on my behalf before the throne room. Never been afraid to lay hands on me when I needed. God sent her my way each time I needed to hear a word from her and have her pray. She tells me just as another close friend does to Remember there is life and death in the tongue. The words I speak of for myself will happen. She told me to speak praises and ask for God to relieve the bitterness, that is breaking me down. Speak praises over those that cause me to be depressed. Stop living for those that are causing me harm and start living for me, and for what God has for me. She always ends with Peggy just say Thank You Jesus, thank you Jesus. Over and over. Praise him, just praise him. Thank him in the bad,  thank him in the good. Bind up that which is hurting you and let Jesus take the control.  I needed to hear that today. I am so thankful HE sends my way what I need when I am in need.

Keep me in your prayers. It's been a long journey, but I have been blessed along the way. The journey is not over, but I know God is working  and in his time the answers will come. As the bible says the end is always better than the beginning.



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