Happy Easter....NOT

Well, here we go again with sickness. My littlest is sick with a cold thing going on, my husband is sick with the stomach flu and here I am doing fine, but in a house full of sickness. Today is Easter and everyone is sick in this house all but the cat and me. Praise the Lord she (the cat) isn't sick, don't think I could deal with a sick cat too.  Didn't get to go to church. Really was looking forward to Sun Rise Service and regular service to. Need it as a matter of fact; since I was sick last week and didn't get to go except to one service and that was Sunday morning.  Didn't get to make a big wonderful dinner and have friends and family come to eat. Didn't get to have the fellowship and laughter that comes along with a holiday.  It's pouring the rain HERE, and dreary gloomy, it's EASTER for goodness sakes!!!!!  No pretty sunshine to brighten the colors and make them POP.  No dressing in our Easter best for pictures galore. Oh the memories of Easter's past.  Ugggg.....

But you know what? I am very blessed at least I have the day the Lord has made for me, and we can celebrate him giving for us so we could live.

So even though my Easter is not what I had planned, I will still take it because at least I am alive, with my family (who are sick), and forever grateful for my Lord and Savior. 

Even if your Easter is not the best, be blessed any ways.  Find at least one thing to make it a good day. If sickness has plagued you or your family, at least give them a call. I am sure it will brighten your day.


Peggy McCoyle
SAHWM and Homeschool Supporter


  1. Happy Easter! Hope your family feels better soon!

    1. we are on the mend, it's been a few days but healing is coming. thank you.

  2. It was a bummer to me that Easter was so gloomy as well! We weren't sick, but we were tired to the bone! Praying or you guys and i wanted to say hi and let you know I was still here following your blog and praying for you! I enjoyed your hubbys sermon as well!!!

    1. thank you for the prayers. I firmly believe in prayer that is for sure. I have seen so many answered, and waiting on more. thank you for listening to his sermon. glad you enjoyed it. love ya sis


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