Entertaining Bad Thoughts in a Good Place

Today my husband got to go out and preach in Fairview, NC. His message was on entertaining bad thoughts in a good place. In other words, while your being brought up in a loving home, church setting, around people that care about you, why do you want to get out so bad and do the things you know to be wrong?  He read from the books of James and John in the New Testament. Here is his sermon on YouTube. May it be a blessing to you. If your interested in contacting him, leave us a comment, in the area below. 


  1. Wonderful message, I'm sure that made your preachers wife heart proud! Praying for you guys and your ministry!

  2. Also I've been thinking about you guys and your home purchase! Any luck?

  3. No luck so far with the purchase. Everything in our price range needs lots of work. Or there is no LISTINGS. GOD Is good so I know that he will provide a solution. The Realtors keep saying try back as new listing are added weekly. Keep praying for us. Hope your doing well and the family. Many blessings to you.

    1. We were desperate to buy a house a couple of years ago. I remember driving around and looking at so many houses I would cry because I knew we couldn't have them. little did I know the plans God had in store for our family, and how buying a house would have derailed them! God has the perfect place for you! I'm sure!


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