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Happy Easter....NOT

Well, here we go again with sickness. My littlest is sick with a cold thing going on, my husband is sick with the stomach flu and here I am doing fine, but in a house full of sickness. Today is Easter and everyone is sick in this house all but the cat and me. Praise the Lord she (the cat) isn't sick, don't think I could deal with a sick cat too.  Didn't get to go to church. Really was looking forward to Sun Rise Service and regular service to. Need it as a matter of fact; since I was sick last week and didn't get to go except to one service and that was Sunday morning.  Didn't get to make a big wonderful dinner and have friends and family come to eat. Didn't get to have the fellowship and laughter that comes along with a holiday.  It's pouring the rain HERE, and dreary gloomy, it's EASTER for goodness sakes!!!!!  No pretty sunshine to brighten the colors and make them POP.  No dressing in our Easter best for pictures galore. Oh the memories of Easter…

Thankful for friends

Well it's been a few days since my depression post. Since then I have managed to get a kidney stone, and get sick with stomach flu all in the same week. But as with all things But God. I had some really close and dear friends contact me on a certain event and make sure I was ok. I am so thankful that I have such friends that care enough to call, text, or even invite me to lunch.It started out as a bad morning from the get go, on the day of that event, but before he left for work my hero prayed for me, with me and asked the Lord to intervene and not let the circumstances of our situation ruin my day. He is so strong and faithful and true. He deals with the same issue but never complains. But comes to my rescue every time.  I didn't let a tear fall the whole day. Yes I welled up for a moment, but that day the littlest in my life didn't see his mom cry.Today I ran into a very dear soul who has never been afraid to pray with me publicly. Never been afraid to speak on my behalf…

Today let it be

Today I am choosing to get up. Today I am fighting depression. I will not let it bring me down.Depression is hard to deal with. Some days all I want to do is sleep. I don't want to acknowledge my sickness. I feel as though if I sleep it all away tomorrow will be better. But it never is. Only the days I fight are they better. No one knows the pain I feel. No one can tell me what I feel. Only I know. People have said to me, get over it, move on, be stronger than that, or you are stronger than the problem. People, I am a very strong person, inside and out. I have always been. But you see this is pulling from the heart strings. I'm not strong in that area. My husband tries his best to know what I'm going through. He is going through the same thing, but a man deals differently.  The Bible tells me in Eccleiastes 7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit better than the proud in spirit.Therefore God is telling me the end result is bet…

Entertaining Bad Thoughts in a Good Place

Today my husband got to go out and preach in Fairview, NC. His message was on entertaining bad thoughts in a good place. In other words, while your being brought up in a loving home, church setting, around people that care about you, why do you want to get out so bad and do the things you know to be wrong?  He read from the books of James and John in the New Testament. Here is his sermon on YouTube. May it be a blessing to you. If your interested in contacting him, leave us a comment, in the area below.