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Looking to purchase a home

This year and throughout the end of last year, the Idea of purchasing a home has been weighing heavily on my heart. I am not getting any younger and neither is my husband so we are in the process of looking, and talking about the idea. We haven't made up our minds entirely, but one thing for sure the idea is not going away on my part. I would love to have a little piece of earth to call my own. I love gardening and all things pertaining to homesteading. I don't want anything big or extravagant, just something that I can have maybe animals or just a garden.  Gardens are mainly what I want. Although having a few chicken's or a goat, or maybe a sheep or two isn't out of the question. Where we have been renting seventeen years out of twenty two years we have wasted a lot of time and money making someone else rich. Now don't get me wrong we have had some wonderful landlords, and they have all been very nice to us, but owning our own would be so much better.  We want to…

Praying for others

As you all know I don't blog much. Don't have too much to say at times. But here is a little bible study you can do.

Praying for others and the rewards thereof.

When we ask for prayer, do we do it in vain?  We shouldn't. But sometimes we do. It becomes a habitual thing. But are we praying for others as we should? At our church we have a prayer chain, how its supposed to work is that when we get the call to pray we pray right then for that situation.  Sometimes we get caught up in asking the Lord for our needs we don't remember those others out there that are just as in need.

The bible says in Job 42:10 And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Which means:: When Job quit thinking of himself, his own sorrows and started praying for his friends, that the Lord restored him, He reinstated him and gave him greater than before. He was being held captive by his own choice until he made the…