When you snub someone

We have all been through it. We have all seen it happen. We may have even participated in it.

What do we know about snubbing? Do we feel as though it isn't hurtful to the other person just because we don't say anything to them? Do you think your getting away with it?

The answer to theses questions are hard. But really they are not.
Snubbing is where you ignore, or spurn someone disdainfully. In other words you brush them off or give them the cold shoulder.

Just because you don't speak to some, doesn't mean you don't still hurt that person. Especially if you use to talk to that person. It hurts those people. Or makes them mad, or makes them to wonder what they have done to deserve such treatment.  You don't get away with it because the people you do this too see and feel it as well as those around them see the tension.

What does the bible say on the issue?

Nothing in particular to Snubbing. But it has much to say on rejection, which is a form of snubbing. You are rejecting to interact with someone.

Psalm 118:22 says The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. 

In other words, those that snub, reject, or refuse you will one day see you in a position that will make them to want to speak to you. Just as the workers cast this stone aside and didn't see it fit to be used, in reality it might be so important that it could be used at the very corner and become the most valuable stone that the whole structure would rest. 

So be careful of who you reject, or snub. You never know how important they may be in your lives.

My prayer is that you will grow and learn to be kind to all that come into your path.

Peggy McCoyle
SAHWM and Homeschool Supporter


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