You never know....

What life will throw out at you. Where life will send you. Who life will let you meet.

It's strange how one day you are little and the earliest memory you can remember is one of yourself being a little baby in a car seat, and the next you are almost middle aged, married and a mother to two children and one in heaven. (possibly more, unknown) Health issues you never anticipated on having when you was young. Ailments that hurt now when you get up and move around. That is what life can throw at you.

Life has sent me as far as Georgia in the southern states, as far as Tennessee to the west and, Virginia in the north.  Haven't been anywhere exotic, and really have no desires to go there. Montana would be a great place to visit and I have often wondered about what it would be like to live there. Pennsylvania, is another place I would love to visit, not live though.  There are so many places I would like to visit, most here in my own state. I am not hard to please as far as that goes. So life can send you into different places at different times in your life.

The people we meet can sometimes be a good thing or a bad thing.  The ones that turn out good for you make lasting relationships, and even when time gets in the way you can reconnect just like it was yesterday. You never miss a beat and pick right back up. Then there are those that you think was a good thing and then you find out you need to cut ties. Well I have done my share of that. You meet those ones that start out good and then BAM you see this relationship is spiraling downward.  All you can do is let go. So that is who life can let you meet.

Hello my name is life. I give and you receive. I can also take and you will be left to deal.

Welcome to life!!


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