School is winding down for the Holidays

Well we have been having a blast so far with schooling. I haven't been pushing too hard, but we are making progress. My son is on a advanced level and he gets bored easily, so it is interesting to me to find things he is wanting to learn about.  Right now and as always, his interests still revolve around Dinosaurs, but I sneak other things in there too.  I have no clue as to when that will end, it's going on 4 yrs strong.  Learning comes so easy for him. So glad that it does.

With the holidays coming up we slow down on school work and go and learn in the field. We will be making several history field trips in the month of December. There is so many places just around here in my area, or with in a couple of hours away. With things being decorated for Christmas it make it even more interesting for me the mom.

A few of the places we will be visiting is:
Omni Grove Park INN for the annual Ginger Bread House competition displays.
The Thomas Wolfe Memorial for a tour of the writers home.
Vance Birthplace to tour the governors birth home.
Smith-McDowell House Asheville's first brick mansion.

These are just a few of the places we have in mind to visit. Did I mention it doesn't hurt that they will be decorated for Christmas.  

I pray that you all have a great Thanksgiving this week and that those of you that do homeschool give your children a much needed break from school work, at least for a day or two.

Peggy McCoyle


  1. Fun! You have so many great ideas, keep posting. :) I'm excited to be a home school Mom again. Thanks for the encouragement! And it doesn't hurt at all that they are decorated for Christmas! Share some pics :) Love ya


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