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Getting Ready for School

So it didn't go as planned to start the reading program with my son this month. I had planned to start it, but I had forgotten how busy August would be for me and my family. This is the month that we harvest and start canning and preparing for the winter. Everything started coming in at once, so we had to take care of that first.  So here it is, one week away from September.  I will begin everything the day after Labor Day with him. At least he had a nice long summer, that was care free.  Now it will be time to buckle down.

We didn't not just do anything over the month of August.  We got a lot of reading in as far as me reading to him. Also found that Netflix has a show that I grew up watching called Reading Rainbow. We started watching that as part of our daily routine. We watch Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, and Word World.  Then for fun he gets to pick from Wild Kratts or Magic School Bus, as his last show of the day. I want to make sure that he is getting at least some le…