Fourth of July day

The fourth of July is coming up in a few days.  Family traditions will happen.  In my family it is having a cook-out and enjoying each other's company.

The celebration of celebrating our freedoms have been pushed aside. What is the day actually about? Does anyone actually know anymore? Yes we go and watch fireworks, buts what's is that even about anymore?
Independence Day is a federal holiday in the USA commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776 , declaring independence from Great Britain. 

Many places are closed on this day. Lots of people get a three day weekend.  Many politicians make it a point to appear and praise our nation's heritage, laws, history, society, and people.

Now we are getting somewhere!!

Our history is all we have. Our laws are changing in this great country everyday. We are losing our heritage piece by piece.  The society has changed from what it once was. And the people, well I would linger here all day but I have other things to do.

While your celebrating the fourth with your family, why not include the history along with it.  We should be a nation proud to sing"The Star Spangled Banner","America the Beautiful","God bless America" and even"Dixie and Yankee Doodle" . The key word being"should".

Enjoy your three day weekend and give your history a good long thought.
Happy fourth to you all.

Peggy McCoyle
Sahwm and Homeschool Supporter


  1. I agree, we should focus and teach our children what this holiday is about! Glad to see you blogging again! :)

    1. Thank you Stacy, I do this as I do most of any other project, I have to be in the mood. HAHA.


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