Love as stong as Solomon's

Once married you think that happiness is forever locked in. Right, don't bet your life on it.  But it can be, if built on the right model.
As I sat and read a magazine the other night before bed I came across a article on marriage.  It was how to keep things fresh in your marriage from a biblical point of view.  As I read down the normal list of things, like date nights, talking at least 15 minutes a day with each other, taking a nap together and so on, the one thing that stuck out was the Take some Time to Read Song of Solomon together.  Okay so I admit I never thought of doing that to keep things fresh in my marriage. It makes sense though. Think about how much the Shulamite woman loved Solomon and how much he loved her back. Think about what discussions could come from just reading that great love story.  Reading this together could open up all kinds of exciting areas in your marriage and keep it fresh and new at all times.

How awesome it would be to have a love that strong? Just think about reading that with your husband or wife. 

What area's would it open up in your marriage? 

Would it lead to conversations that would be otherwise left out?

Happiness comes in different forms, we have the feel-good happiness and the value-based happiness. The feel-good happiness is where you are doing things that feel good at the time and enjoying it for the moment.  Value-based is more on the lines of spiritual thinking.  

Would reading Song of Solomon with your husband or wife open you up to a more Valued-based marriage?

Is valuing happiness in your marriage and feeling the love that Solomon and the Shulamite woman had being selfish? A husband and wife should connect the way these two people did. They should have that love and longing to be with each other.  Solomon and the Shulamite woman had a deeper connection and a sense of shared meaning. In Song of Solomon 7:10 it says I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me.  She is representing herself as a true wife, whose husband is wrapt up in her love. She was the desires of his eyes. 

How many marriages still have that kind of desire?

Do you have a marriage that you both want to be wrapt up in each other?

Do not let distractions get in the way of your happiness, go ahead and give this a try. Read Song of Solomon and see. But remember to read it together and discuss it. I know it will lead you to great happiness.  What kind of greatness in your marriage will you pursue today?  Are you up for the challenge? Get reading! I am sure you will find that kind of strong love in your marriage.


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