Homeschool Journey Math Day 53

Proverbs 18:15 - The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

Today was once again a Math Day for the girls to come over and have a math lesson.  As the verse states above, I am trying to teach them to be prudent, and seek.  To be prudent means to show care or thought for the future, and to seek knowledge means to search for or achieve.  Math is not either child's strong point, as its not in alot of people.  My desire is to see them grow and come to love it.  Math is something they will use throughout their lives and they need to know how to use it and apply it.  When all the English, History, and Science is said and done with Math is the one subject that will continue to be used in day to day settings.

We started off by doing some math worksheets with the youngest child. Working on her 4X's multiplication facts.  She did very well with those today. We also worked on the 2's, 3's as a refresher course today.  Since she knows her 5's already, we will move on to the 6X's facts next week. Trying to have her on level by January, without rushing her too much. 

With the middle child we are working on Ratio's, Rates and Proportions. It was pretty easy to her, but we still need to work on where she flips her numbers. Instead of putting 2/5 she is putting it at 5/2, when she is working the fraction out, which is messing her work up. Its a simple mistake when dealing with fractions.  She will get the hang of it, I have faith that she will. We are using Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum for her math which is Pre-Algebra.

With the oldest girl who is in the tenth grade we are using Geometry, which we just started a few weeks ago and Business Math from Landmark Freedom. She is doing great in both.  She catches on really fast, and that is a plus. Ask me in a few more weeks how Geometry is going. HAHA

I enjoy teaching these girls, it is such a blessing to me.  They are very respectful and kind. Than is a plus in my book. So until next week...

My prayer is that these girls will learn to love math and seek and be prudent about math. Amen.

Peggy McCoyle
SAHWM and Homeschool Supporter


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