Pre-Schooling Day 10

Well today on our Pre-schooling Journey we got a little bit accomplished.  As I told you before I went over to help out a friend with her homeschooling today.  So my little guy and I didn't have much time to school today.  But here is what we did get done.

We had a little devotion on Genesis 3 The Terrible Lie. We are using the The Jesus Story Book Bible for our Bible devotionals. He seems to like it because it has very vivid pictures, and he loves to be read to.  I also read to him from the King James Bible Version.

We also got to singing our ABC Song today. Plus we recited the Three Little Pigs story from memory. He loved helping out with the part where the little pigs say "Not by the hair of our chinny chin chin". Don't know why but he thinks this is just a funny saying and giggles when he says it.

Last but not least we read a story called The Tale of Two Bad Mice. It is a story by Beatrix Potter. The story is about two mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca.  Such silly names for mice. In the story the mice destroy things inside the dolls house and in the end they make it up to the dolls.  Such a cute story. 

As you can see, today was full of reading. Which is a good thing. Make sure you read to you children everyday. It build vocabulary, comprehension, and imagination. 

Here are some pictures of my little guy, and the Beatrix Potter book. Enjoy and have a blessed evening. 




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