Math for all ages

Today I went over to a friends house to help them out with homeschooling. My friend hates math so since I only have a preschooler this year, I thought HEY I CAN HELP! HAHAA!! She has three girls, 4th, 7th, and 10th grades.  With the youngest we are bringing her up to level, since the PS system cheated her out of practically every subject by just pushing her through.  The middle child is in Pre-Algebra, so this is a new experience for her and she really doesn't like it. The oldest is doing Business Math until January and then it will be Geometry.  I am enjoying being able to help them. It is fun to see how each one learns at a different pace and style.  

The Bible tells us women to teach the younger women. Well let me tell ya, I am trying.

After teaching my daughter for eight years, and her being the only one, its a big difference when you throw three into the mix, together.  I can do it and they can do it.  I have faith of a mustard seed that this school year will be a success.  Anytime that I can help someone in homeschooling, I am more than willing to be there and do what I can.  

Y'all keep me in your prayers this this school year.  I pray that I can keep them interested in math and that they learn something from me teaching them. 

Working hard at Math

Everyone say cheese, whelp maybe not everyone.

On another note Friday is Field Trip day.  My homeschool group will be going to tour a Grist Mill.  Can't wait, I have never been myself so it should be interesting to me also.

Have a blessed evening.


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