Field Trip #2 Day 12 Pre-Schooling

Today we went on a little field trip with my homeschool group.  We went to Dellinger Grist Mill in Bakersville NC in the Cassandra Community.  It was such a beautiful place and a quiet place at that.  It is the only running and operating grist mill of its kind left in NC.  It is being ran by the 4th generation grand son Jack Dellinger.  They make Cornmeal, Grits, and Polenta.  

Mr. Dellinger gave us a tour of the water wheel and of the inside of his mill.  He explained to us how he became the owner of the mill, and how he is working on restoring the other building.  How the miller use to get paid was he would grind the corn for his customers for a small portion of the meal. He never charged them money.  There was a saw mill on the land, and a church.  

The kids had a great time as well as the adults that went today.  Below is some pictures of the mill I hope that you enjoy, and if your ever in the area you should stop in and see how its all done.


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