New Season Coming

     I enjoy all that the coming Autumn season has to offer. The cool breezes, leaves changing,  the smells of fresh apple or pumpkin pies in the kitchen, knowing that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  All these things I love.  As I was sitting out in the garage watching my little play today, I was thinking about all the changes that I have had this year.  Just as leaves and seasons change I have went through quiet a bit of changes to.  This year alone has been full of them.  

     To begin with my daughter graduated high school.  That was very hard on me, it was the ending of her childhood.  It was a bittersweet feeling. The bitter because I knew I had raised her and schooled her and now it was over. The sweet because I knew that I had raised her to be a godly young lady and that she was all grown up now.  Don't get me wrong there are still things that she needs her mommy for, and always will, but she can do things without me too.  That is what scares me. Where I have always been the one to help her, she now has to figure it out on her own.  In August she started college on her way to becoming a RN.  It was hard for me to let go and that first day of going back into a Public School setting was a hard one for me, after having her home with me for 8 yrs.  It has been good though, I get to see her blossom into a young lady that knows what she wants and is going after it.  God will always be her guide and lead her in the way she should go, that I have no doubt in.

The next big change was the announcement from my husband to preach. I have previously told you about that so I won't go into it again.  Just as the seasons change, so do our lives.  In the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 it says,,  

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  

So that is what I am going through this year. This is my season. I know there is a New SEASON coming. 

May this bless someone, and May God be with you.


Me and my beautiful daughter at her graduation with the NC Homeschoolers.

My daughter with her cake at her Graduation Party.


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