Becoming a Preachers Wife

     It tells in the Bible what the roles of a bishop or what we call pastor is in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. It states that he ruleth well his house, having his children in subjection with all gravity.  The Bible also states what a woman's role is in Proverbs 31.  When my husband began being dealt with by the Lord to take the calling that He had prepared for him, stubbornness set in. He fought for a long time to accept his calling. Then on August 4, 2013 he gave me the best present any husband could ever give, he announced his calling publicly.  It was official, what I had known for years.  He became a Preacher, just as the Lord had desired of him many years.

     Now brings me to the issue at hand.  I am now a preacher's wife, my children are preacher's children. Question have flooded my soul. I worry about whether I will be able to go this road and do it right. Can I be that Proverbs 31 woman and make my husband proud to say that his wife is "far above rubies"?  I have always let my husband lead in our home and we have shared responsibility. Now comes in the total submission since the Lord has made a plan for our household, a different journey for us to travel. A different set of rules to play by that I must adhere to. 

     I have always been told in the past that I have a meekness about me, and it shines.  To be Meek means 1. Showing patience and humility; gentle.
2. Easily imposed on; submissive. I have a responsibility now to others that view me and watch my actions in everything I do. Will I continue to show that meekness? Not that being a Christian is any different, people still watch your reactions even then. I am human in all ways, and being human I am not perfect, but I want my godly character to show when people view me, and for them to know me as a Christian.  

     I know being a preacher's wife is not easy, I have plenty of friends that are just that, and they by no means have a easy road.  Too many see a preachers wife and view them in a box and expect them to be perfect.  Listen up no one is perfect and God is no respecter of men.

     All in all my prayer would be that you just pray for me to be the best preacher's wife that I can be and for me not to have too hard of a road at being so. Your preachers’s wife needs encouragement, friendships, support, practical help, and most of all, earnest prayer. Your prayers are crucial to her spiritual and emotional health, and God will reward your efforts to cover your preacher’s wife in prayer.  I pray everyday for guidance, and am sure that the Lord can and will continue to show me the way just as he does my husband. Blessing to all.  
Preacher Michael and Peggy McCoyle

 “The test of a preacher is that his congregation goes away saying, not ‘What a lovely sermon,’ but ‘I will do something!’” ~Francis de Sales


  1. I thought I had commented before but somehow it didn't show up. I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you, and that when I first met you I thought you were a preachers wife :) You have a beautiful spirit that shines! It's a scary though, my husband gave his call to preach two years ago, and when he preached at our church it was easy for me because we've been so close to the members, but when we go other places its so scary.. to think.. today.. I'm the preachers wife.. and all eyes are on our family. God has absolutely worked overtime on our lives to change our hearts, and its not been easy- but seeing where I am verses where I was.. it was so worth every trial. :) You guys will be a great pastoral family one day! And I'm SO glad you're blogging now!!!! I don't feel so lonely in the blogger world with some people that I actually know outside of this world blogging nowadays :)

  2. Thank you Stacy, such kind words. So glad to have gotten to know you.


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