What are you thankful for??

Today as I began to prepare for a Thanksgiving meal I was helping to provide for, my emotions was all over the place. In the last few years my holiday has changed and changed a lot. Now I am considered one of the elders. The elders that I grew up with is no longer around. They have all gone on home to be with Christ. When I looked around it just seemed unreal to me. When did I grow up so much that I am now the grown-up?  I now have two Aunts and 3 Uncles, plus my mamaw, that is it in my family. Yes I have a sister and a brother, but like me this is it.  

I have always loved family and loved deeply. Family is one of the most important things in my life. I have always wanted to keep the family together. But time shall have it's day. God always know when to take and when to give. However I know that I am not the only one that has to realize this. It happens to all of us. Each of us will eventually go through this.I thank God for allowing me to morn this morning, to work through my fee…

Happy Thanksgiving

Here it is, another turkey day. We want to wish each and everyone of you that follow my blog a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING, from out family to yours. 

Remember to always be thankful for what you have today. Because we are not promised tomorrow. Ephesians 5:20 - Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

I pray you have a blessed day. Your bellies get filled and you have a peaceful rest after all is said and done. 
1 Thessalonians 1:2 - We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers;

No Gentlemen any more!!

So what has happened to all the Gentlemen?? I tell you what. I had to go into two different restaurants tonight and order food. One right next to the other one, walking distance.  So I go into the Chinese restaurant, pick up my order , go next door to the Fish House and get my order there. When I turned to go out of the fish restaurant There were 2 men standing next to the door. Here I was with both hands full and do you know not one of them offered to move and open the door for me.  UGGGGG!! What has happened to men opening doors for women, and helping out when they see a woman with her hands full.  So men WHAT happened to being gentlemen?? I know women can be independent and such,,but GEEZE!! help a lady out when you can. Just because we are in 2017 doesn't mean manners was thrown out with the bath water.

Where are all the gentlemen at??  WHERE!!!

Day 9-13 November Photo Blog

Hey, hey hey...I know I know I have fallen behind,,but hey, life gets in the way. Today I am here to render that. Today is catch up day for me. We have just been on the go since last Thursday. It has finally slowed down just a little bit.  So here is a view of the pictures and a list of what they were supposed to be each day. I truly hope that you enjoy them. 

Day 9 A view from my window.

This was at my husbands doctors office. I thought it was a beautiful scene with the flag blowing in the wind and mountains behind it.

Day 10 Bundle Up. 

Me and my mamaw. I love this lady dearly. She was cold so I wrapped her up snugly in a blanket to get her warm.

Day 11 Symbol of love.

My little cousins. Brother and sister. He loves her so much that he went down the slide with her to keep her from being scared the first time.

Day 12 Healthy Choice.

I made the choice to buy a healthy drink today instead of buying something bad for me. This was Wild flower honey, black tea and lemon. A very refreshing drink. …

Day 8 November Photo Blog

Howdy y'all!! Today has been one of them days. Ya know,,want to get things done and never can. Well that happened today of course.  But I did manage to remember what today's photo was to be. Today's photo is to be of "In my Cup"  Well that could have went two ways but I stuck to what I think they were really meaning. Here is my picture !!
Can you guess what's in the cup?  A old Southern favorite. We even had a feud here in the USA over it, the Boston Tea Party of 1773, where some disguised as Indians destroyed an entire shipment of tea that was sent over by the East India Company over the Tea Act. Which the British responded harshly to this and then came the Revolutionary War. There is a bit of history for you. 
But us southerners, we love our Tea sweet, ice cold, and served with lemon or mint. I can take it either way, today with lemon. i love Tea. I have friends in the north that drink it mostly warm. I even have friends over seas that do that the same way. O…

Day 7 November Photo Blog

Today couldn't have been more fitting. Today's photo is to be of Home Remedies.  As of last night my lil guy became sick with cold like symptoms. You know the coughing, stuffy nose, fever, chills and so on. So what does this mama do? Well I slather him up last night in a homemade chest rub made from essential oils. Today I have made sure to keep the chest rub on him and have also put some Stress Away on him so it would help him to rest. But here is today's picture.  When people get sick around here we try to use something that we have on hand instead of running straight to a doctor and creating a bill.  So in the picture above there is Raw Honey (local), Apple Cider vinegar, Lemon Oil, Stress away oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil and Panaway Oil.  These items and more that I have are used in several different ways. I have said in earlier post that when my family can be organic, we do. I try to buy the things that we can afford to be organic when I find it on sale. There a…