Do Not enter without,,,,,

It is horrible when you have to post a note on your door. Yes we are Renter's and yes house is for sale, and we knew that moving in, but!  I don't feel that gives the realtor the right to just come into your house whenever they want. I have rights!! My family has rights!! All I ask is to give me notice! So here is what I have done.

NOTICE This house is occupied by a renter. Please be considerate and notify renter before entering residence. Door bell at back door on car port works. Or call XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Thank you!!

Maybe, just maybe they will listen. If not then it will be on to somewhere else.  Can't handle people who are not considerate.

To Taste or not To Taste

So does anyone have the same problem as me?
Since having tonsil surgery I have no taste. I have no clue as to why, but you know what it is getting old. I am so tired of not being able to have a good taste sense anymore. The things that I love, nope it's gone. 
Spaghetti made with homemade sauce, nope it's gone, it was so bad that I couldn't even finish my plate and that is not at all normal.
Meat loaf, bland!!
Salisbury steak and mac-n-cheese, I absolutely love love love, had no flavor.
Even BACON! who can't taste bacon.  Me! Over here, this girl! Oh that flavor.  I smell perfectly well the flavors, and that is what is killing me. If i smell something as good as bacon, I would really want to taste it too. Wouldn't you?
Will it ever come back? Was my tonsils just holding in all that yummy goodness in flavor for me?
I literally have to force myself to eat sometimes because of the taste thing. No amount of additives like salt, herbs, sugar etc....HELPS!
Ya'll I am not sur…

Supporting your Minister Husband in his Role

Being a wife in ministry is a hard place to be now days. Most families are two job families and the wives are not recognized as they were many years ago as being part of that ministry. The wife sees her husbands role as a minister as his job and has stepped aside and allows him to do his job and therefore she seldom is included. Especially if he pastors a church. In a two job family she has her job already outside the home to attend to. Many years ago the wife was the homemaker and the husband carried the job for the family, now days both are considered being homemakers and career makers. The same applies even in Evangelical ministry.  

How can we as wives support our husbands in his ministry?  Whether it be pastoring or evangelizing.

We can Pray for our husbands. Satan is just waiting for a chance to take a stab at him. Even in ministry our husbands can have hard times. Dealing with peoples situations all the time can weigh on them hard. You know his weaknesses and what his challenges …

Mother's Day and El Salvadorian Food

First of all let me say this "Happy Mother's Day" to all you mothers out there. I know, I know, I am late with that but you know when you are as busy as I am it's hard to find a chance to write.

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with my husbands family. As some of you may know my mother passed away 2 yrs ago. I really miss having my mom around, but she was need more above.

Any who,,, we had a great time celebrating my mother in law. She is such a fun woman to be around. Full of laughter and love. A teeny tiny woman at only four foot nine inches tall she had seven kids and four of those kids were sets of twins. Talk about having your hands full. She raised each one of them, and loved them unconditionally. She has had her share of hardship by burying three of her children before her. That is something a mother should never have to endure. She may be small but she has a big kind of love when it comes to her children, and grand children and her great grand c…

Howdy Friends

So it has been a long time since I sat down to write. I have just been so busy and trying to heal. When you have lots going on it's hard to wrap your brain around trying to write. Or at least it is that way with me. 

So you may ask what's been going on with me?

Well since February lots have happened. It's hard to believe that February is the last time that I sat down and actually wrote out anything, but it is true. 

In March I finally had my surgery to have my tonsils removed.  Not only my tonsils but also my turbinates in my nose. Boy oh boy did I not know what was in store for me. What should have been just a routine surgery and out-patient status became a week long stay in the hospital. As I said in a earlier post, my tonsils had been infected so bad that it was affecting different areas of my body. My breathing was one of them. My husband had always told me that I stopped breathing during sleep, so I kinda knew that I had a breathing issue. But who knew that I had tonsils…

"Hog Killing" a way of life on a Homestead

Well school has been a little interesting this month. We got into some very neat things. One of the things we got into was a bloody messy situation. We went and seen a "Hog Killing".  Now for those that are squeamish, or don't think we should kill animal's, just move on along. Here in the mountains of North Carolina this is a way to provide food for your family. This is a way of life on a homestead. You grow a hog up and slaughter it when time is come. That hog in return will provide plenty for you and your family to get by on throughout the rest of the year. 

Just encase you haven't noticed, food prices are soaring high now days. A simple loaf of bread can cost as little as two dollars up to five dollars, depending on what kind you want. If your lucky you may find bread some places for .89 cent a loaf. Very seldom though. 

Any who,,, back to that hog. The reason I wanted to take our son to watch this being done was because he had never seen it done in real life. T…

Prayers, on top of prayers!

Hello fellow followers. It has been a few days since I last wrote. I am horrible at keeping up with this writing thing. But I have been going through a lot of issues that required me to be attentive.  

First of all my health is still not good, I have a pending surgery coming up that will hopefully help me to alleviate some of my symptoms. As the days go by and I get closer to my surgery date, am a little more hopeful. Please pray for me, for healing. 

Second, my family has been going through a rough spot. I would ask that you all that will lift up my brother in prayer. Getting in a bad situation with a woman, makes it hard to come back out of. God knows the situation and I know he can make it all better. I just have to wait patiently for that.

Lastly, there is another situation that is very private and I know God knows all about. But if you can find it in your hearts to once more say a prayer on my behalf I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you all for understanding that I have issues, …